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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I did quite well !!!!!

OK well when I say I did well, I didn't exactly do what I had planned!!!!

When I went outside the sun was shining brilliantly in the back garden - but not in the front!!! - So, quick as I am to find an excuse (!), I settled in to sorting out my old veggie plot!



It's probably about 2 metres long, so it was quite a lot of work - and it had become a dumping ground for every bit of rubbish that got left around! - I had planned to have a bonfire on several occassions, but never got round to it (in true Auntie Noo style I'm afraid!)

Anyway, I cleared the rubbish (well moved it!) and loosely dug over the plot - There's no reason to do it too well at the moment, as I'm not sure that I will grow veggies up there again anyway - it's the far end of the garden, and that's not always practical! (Especially when coupled with a lazy person!)

Some of the smaller bits of twig and debris went onto my fire pit, for a warming evening blaze!!! - It smouldered until around 7pm, and was lovely!! - I had heavily pruned a rather over-zealous rosemary bush, so there was plenty of sweet smelling smoke as the evening drew on!

It's a start anyway!!!

I'd just like to welcome 2 new readers - Libby and Allotment Lady, who I think found me via the amazing Ruth's blog I am really chuffed to have you both here, and your timing has been perfect as you are both chicken owners, and I should be getting mine in around 2 - 3 weeks time! So I will be checking your posts on chickens for tips, pitfalls, and humourous stories!!!! (many of which I have found already!). I am also thinking that between the three of you, you will keep me inspired to keep my garden in a much better state this year. I am afraid it took a bit of a nose-dive when I acquired a certain springer spaniel!!!! - but she will have to learn that veggies are for Mummy to eat and not for her to use as rough obstacles to make her garden racing circuit a bit more fun!!!!


  1. Sounds like you are becoming a self sufficient person in the wilds of Giuldford. Chickens, veggies..a couple of sheep and you will be set to make all your clothes and feed yourself on veggies and chook eggs...sorry chook is Aussie for to the front of the house...agree with your sentiments about the passers by...though the passer bys here tend to be goannas and dingoes and they don't say much...

  2. Well done! I hope you had a long soak in a hot bath after all that effort!! I like gardening once I'm out there, but it take some effort to get those wellies on. I know what you mean too about people talking to you, too, they seem to think you're out there for their entertainment. T'uh!

  3. Anonymous10:01 am

    Well done Noo, it looks like a good achievement. Bonnie will love the extra dirt track, how much of that bed can she throw into the air!!!! I can let you have a few hundred rabbits to add to the menagery if you like too.

  4. Well done, and looks like you got a fair whack done too! But what a wonderful reward - your own heavenly scented fire, bliss!

  5. well done, you've been busy. And that reminds me, we've still got to fix our fence that got damaged in the storm, and weed the flower beds (which have no flowers in yet!!)

  6. I love your fire pit thingy!!! How cool is that! If it goes missing you'll know where to look!!!!lol!!

  7. Ooooh, chickens and a veggie patch! I grew up on a farm but I've been a city girl for so long now - I miss having dirt to play in :-(

  8. Silvia7:54 pm

    You are putting me to shame I haven't done anything so far in my Garden. I shall keep an eye on your blog. I want to try growing Veg, for the first time, properly. See how that will go

  9. I'm afraid our garden looks like your before pic!
    There is something so mesmerising about a fire and to have a gorgeous smell too..mmm heaven!

  10. I can't believe you can be workning was 13 degrees here yesterday and it's 21 today. The best I can do is run, FAST, to my car.

  11. I too am a lazy gardener. I'll be watching your progress with great interest.
    Hmm dogs. does bicarb really get rid of the smell? What do you do, rub it all over?


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