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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I made dishcloths

. . . . we had a swap on the Crafty threads 'n' yarns forum for dishcloths! - I made these over the weekend and posted them yesterday. We also had to send a clue as to our identity, which is what the card is for - not that it was too difficult to guess!!!!

We're off into the great unknown for a couple of days, so don't miss us too much, and we'll be back at the weekend!!!

(Short message to parents after your visit today:- you will be pleased to know that having doused the dog in bicarb of soda and given her a darn good rub, she smells a lot more approachable now!!!!!)


  1. We want one please..then we can think of you at least twice a day...does that mean that spot now smells like bicarb...might be good for humans but not good for other dogs eh spot...
    All dogs no matter how clean you may think they are pervade the house with a doggie smell. One never notices one's own...just like a friend has to tell you you have BO...enjoy your time away..hope the weather is good and you have a ball...p

  2. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Spot is as sweet as ever, nice that her smell now matches that!!
    Have a wonderful time.

  3. very nice dishcloths.

  4. Aren't dishcloths fun? I participated in the swop too - and was amazed to finish a couple in a day! What else could you do that quick. Yours does look fab. Mine hasn't arrived yet so I hope it'll be yours that plops on my doorstep.

  5. Has Spot been rolling in something she shouldn't?

    The dishcloths are great. Have a wonderful time away.

  6. That's a clever dishcloth! It looks too nice to use though :)

  7. Nice dishcloths. Enjoy your break

  8. What great dishcloths! Something to try with some leftovers I think :)

  9. The dishcloths are lovely Noo:-)

    Does the bicarb on the dog really work then????

  10. I have only just started making my own dishcloths! But aren't they great!!


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