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Monday, January 22, 2007

In with the "in Crowd"

Along with the rest of the knitting community, I have made Fetching from knitty.!! They are made in Catalina Baby Alpaca, which is just gorgeous. I bought it at Ally Pally last year, and I don't think it's sold in this country yet, but I know the owner was hoping it would be! So do I, it's soooo soft and lovely!

I did make them a bit longer than the pattern, although I wish I'd made them even longer and a tiny bit tighter at the top. But they're snuggly and cuddly and just what a woman needs as the weather turns a little colder!


  1. They're lovely! I made 6(!) pairs of them for Christmas pressies, so I know the pattern very well, lol!

  2. They are lovely. I haven't made any yet, but can see them in my future!

    Love that butterscotchy colour!

  3. They look great Noo, the colour is lovely!!!!! I've made two pairs of fetching too, but neither for myself:-( One day..............

  4. Love the colour of your Fetchings! I made mine longer than the pattern too and to make the top a bit tighter someone recommended to cast off purl-wise( if thats a word!) and it does work although I finished mine with a straight rather than picot edge.
    At least your hands will be warm during this cold snap!

  5. That is such a nice colour. Really rich looking.

    I think I would make them longer over the fingers too, or even put some fingers on to make them into proper fingerless gloves.

    Thanks for all your encouragement with my hoodie too, it really made me feel better :)

  6. Silvia4:29 pm

    They are lovely. The colour is beautiful!! I only made one pair for myself but I am going to make more for coming Christmas...well maybe!!! Longer is deffinetly better wish I had made mine longer

  7. Ahhh now me old mate 'Fagin' could have done with a few pairs of those...could also see Spot with a few pairs...cute...p

  8. Noo they are lovely! And the colour is so me ;-)

  9. they look lovely, very nice colour. I'm not "in", cos I've still not gotten round to knitting mine yet!!


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