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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Unbelievable. . .

Last night I had to put a wasp out of it's misery!!! - Now I have to say that it really wasn't very well at all - but HEY - It's January, what the heck was it doing buzzing around my living room anyway! - The world has become a strange place!!


  1. that IS weird. when we went to neice's christening in november there were wasps around!! still, it was 3degrees this morning here. but sunny at last - but C complained of the cold so our walk didn't last long xxx

  2. Silvia6:48 pm

    We had a Ladybird on Sunday!!! Has the world gone mad?? Strike that of course it has

  3. Watched New Yorkers lying in the sun when normally its snowing...the blossoms are 3 months early..
    93% of NSW is in drought and the politicians keep talking about 'when it rains'...not IF..
    One minute we have 20degs then next day its 35...phew...
    Less mozzies though this year!!
    The birds are confused I think the blue wrens think its spring again by the way they are acting...


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