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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Well the snow's all gone and it really is a beautiful day here! - I want to get out in the garden today, and start some well needed weeding - particularly out in my little front strip - which is quite frankly an embarassment!!! (If I can stand the shame of the starting postition, I will post pictures of my achievements!) I hate gardening in the front garden - I live on a main road - the main road into Guildford town, so it seems the whole world walks or drives past - and everyone needs to make a comment!! - I am a solitary individual, and it annoys me that people find it necessary to talk to me while I'm in my own private grounds, this is one of the reasons it doesn't get done! But it's not good enough really, and today I will put it to rights! - There are some little crocuses coming up which will be completely choked with grass and weeds if I don't do something quickly!

This is a little "keep warm" hat I made for my "very nearly" 3 year old nephew last weekend! I wanted to try a bit of colourwork to find out how I did with it, and what way was comfortable to hold the yarns, so this lovely little project was perfect!

It was made with Garnstudio/Drops Karisma Superwash , on 4.00mm bamboo DPN's, using this pattern! - I missed a couple of rows out by mistake, but nobody except me will ever know!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. I'll be spending this afternoon weeding around the edges of our back yard! We have ours gravelled, but next door have garden and it always grows under the fence making ours look unsightly *roll*
    Plus its the royal visit tomorrow, so an untidy garden would never do LOL ;-)

    Put your ipod or something on, then you have a reason to ignore people!!!!!

  2. I just popped over from Ruths blog and have enjoyed reading through all your posts!!! Last October I picked up the knitting needles again and have been busily knitting fingerless gloves!! I must admit I quite fancy having a go at socks, but have never knitted with more than 2 needles!!!! Should be a challenge!!
    I'll be back!!!!

    Libby x

  3. Good luck with the garden! I must do mine too, as rather a lot of it was squashed by the recent gales :0

    You already know that I love the hat!

  4. The hat is wonderful Noo, and your colourwork is so good.

    I know what you mean about being solitary and people chatting to you. Luckily, our flat is at the back of a large Victoria house over looking a very secluded garden. I go with Terri's suggestion, stick an iPod on and even if you don't have one, stick some headphones in your ears and pretend ;-)

  5. Silvia7:45 pm

    Good luck gardening it's to cold here still. We are lucky noby talks to us and we try not to talk to Miserable sods that we are!!!!

  6. Our garden is still too soggy to do much with, but its crying out for attention!
    I love the hat, its fab!

  7. Wow what a fantastic blog - and my you do so much.

    Had a wonderful time reading your posts and will be back regularly for more updates.

  8. Lovely hat, we certainly wouldn`t notice any missing rows - too busy admiring it.

  9. That's gorgeous! What method did you use in the end? I have one strand in each hand but have to really watch the tension on the RH one.

  10. Try doing the front garden wearing an i-pod and singing along really badly and out of tune (my usual then)its amazing how few people speak to you then!


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