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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bad Girl!!! / Good Girl !!

Well it seems to have been a busy week - but I don't seem to have achieved anything at all!! - Is it just me or do we all do that???

So I'm not going to blog about it all tonight because my dinner's nearly ready!!. . . . But I do want to tell you about Race for Life which raises money for Cancer Research UK

I have entered the RaceforLife at Stoke Park on June 9th. It is a 5km circuit, which can be run/walked/crawled etc! and I am really hoping to run at least half of it! (I can't run to the bus stop at the moment!!) If you'd like to sponsor me (and please know that there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever!) then my race page is here. Or better still, why not join your local race and raise some money yourself?? -
Go on. . .
you can go slowly. . . . .
and no-one will be watching (!). . . . .
and it's for a great cause. . . . . .
and you can get fitter getting ready. . . . .
they have a training guide. . . . .
your DH/DP/OH will cook for you that night (really!) and if not he will take you out to dinner!! (tell him I said so!). . . . .
you can eat cakes/chocolate without feeling guilty 'cos you will have worked them off. . . . . . .
Have I convinced you?????

You know you want to!


  1. Hope you have success in raising loads of dosh for charity and good luck with the run itself, it sounds a brill idea, especially for all the reasons you've mentioned!!

  2. Anonymous9:55 am

    Haven't heard from them re the race signing up yet, must chase them!!!!!!

  3. am well impressed. 5k is a reasonable goal, and there's plenty of time to get fit enough to run a bit of it at least. that's why i'm sat here on my backside. oh dear.......... sis xxx


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