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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Been a bit serious lately???

So, here to remind you of all the fun we have "Chez Noo" and especially for my nephew MrC, here are some new photos of the girls!

Here is Molly, she's turning out to be a lot braver than Bea, although I don't think Bea realises it! She's a little paler in the comb at the moment, and paler around the neck

Here they both are, see Bea in the back with the darker comb, I have heard it said that this implies she's the more likely to be laying - well I don't know where she thinks she's laying 'cos it sure as heck isn't anywhere I can find!!!!! (and it's only a 5ft x 3 ft run!!!) Bea is a lot more "blousy" than Molly, she thinks she's in charge, but when it comes to it, she's the first to run under the house if anything unusual happens!

Molly giving me the eye!

Bea, taking refuge behind her sister!

We are going to build a bigger run for them, now that I've decided I like having them around. At the moment though I'm in a quandry as to where! I have a space down to the front and side of my conservatory, where I could get a 12 ft x 6 ft run. The nice thing about having it there is that it's nice and close to the house so I can watch them from inside when it's wet and horrible, and for popping out to give them breakfast in the winter I haven't got to traipse all the length of the garden in my PJ's and walk across 90ft of muddy lawn! - The down side is that in the summer it will be quite hot and the only way to shade it will be to shade the front which kind of negates the point of having them close, and I can only max out at 12ft x 6 (and even that could be a bit of a squash!)

The other alternative is at the end of the garden, where my veggie patch used to be. The pro's and con's are exactly the opposite to the "stage left" option! I could make it around 15ft square, or certainly 12 ft sq, which would be nicer for them (especially as I'm finding I have a hankering to hatch my own! so there could be a few more later in the year!) but it is up the far end of the garden so I can't see them, and it's a muddy walk in winter! I'm thinking this is the option that may well win though. . . . . . we'll have to wait and see!


  1. Looks like you have to move onto a farm...ahhh I fink the answer lies in the soil!!!
    Chooks look happy and healthy...combs are very full colour when laying and pale off as they go off the lay. It does take them some time to settle into a new abode and little shocks can put them off the lay very easily.
    Don't know whether it still is seen in the uk countryside, but chook runs used to be made with wheels on each corner and the farmer would hitch up the tractor and move them about, this way they picked out unwanted weed seeds and fertilized the ground on a rotational basis. Now I know a tractor wouldn't fit, but a run that was low in height that had wheel in each corner would mean that you could move it about for summer or winter..
    They do look very happy and healthy...and am sure you will be moving into the egg season soon...p

  2. They look lovely, a beautiful colour. Something to bear in mind is they get a bit 'whiffy' in the summer so you might not want them so close to the house! You could always vary it, up near the house in the winter, down at the bottom in the summer!!

  3. Yay for the chickens! They look very happy :)

  4. aw I think they look lovely and happy too.....eggs will soon arrive! (just in time for easter ;) )

  5. If you catch your hens laying on there backs with one eye open leave them be,there may well be a bird circuling may think this is a vulture but they will know better and there luck has shortley after this encounter you should be able to hatch some of your own eggs.lovely looking birds have fun.Get the wings clipped let them roam the garden and just have a hen house for nights.

  6. The colours in their feathers are beautiful - I can't help thinking what lovely sock yarn the colours would make!


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