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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Love Light in her eyes. . . .

Spot's in lurve!!!!! - With 2 hens!!!


  1. Anonymous4:45 pm

    she's only fooling's an if i stay here quietly will they notice me salivating!! Nice try though eh........

  2. She's such a pretty dog. I am glad you are using that one of her looking out over the landscape for your profile. That is such a good picture!

  3. Silvia7:17 pm

    Lurve or hunger???!!!

  4. Shes gorgeous, but don't let those beautiful,innocent eyes fool you, they see DINNER!!;)

  5. What a beauty she is

    Your chickens sure have a posh home and they are gorgeous - you will have such fun with them.

    Dishclothes - wonderful - I can't knit for toffee - so buy mine, but I can't help thinking that those would look much nicer than my shop ones

    Must keep an eye out for the cotton that it looks like you use

    I love reading your blog - but dont' often get enough time to post comments each time I visit

    Just wanted you to know that I do visit regularly

  6. Sorry - I forgot to change the comment bit to 'other' above so it will send you to my old blog - but there is alink to my latest one.

  7. yeah i reckon she's just hungry.... don't you remember 'fantastic mr fox'??!! xxx

  8. ps cal loves looking at the pics of the hens, he thinks they should be called Betty and Thomas!!! xxx


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