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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Of Mice and Men

Well it's been quiet here "Chez Noo". The chickens are settling in, although still no eggs :( , but they're young and what with Spot permanently camped at the edge of their run, probably still a bit unsure! They're getting a little more adventurous with me - they don't actually run when I open the door now, just watch and wait to see what little treat they're going to get.

On Wednesday we moved the coop to the side of the conservatory so I can make a concerted effort to train Spot to sit and watch, and not run round and round. Where it was, she could get all around it, so no matter how much I called/shouted/whistled/cajoled she always managed to be the opposite side of the run to me, so that I couldn't actually catch her (she's not as daft as she looks!!) Now we have the run against the side of the conservatory so she can only run up and down one length and one width. This way I can sit with her and try to teach her that watching is fine, chasing is not!!!!! - We are getting some results with a shaker bottle at the moment, but only time will tell!

Anyway when we moved the coop obviously we left behind on the lawn, all the old bedding, feed, pooh (!) from the run. I raked up what I could and it is composting as we speak, but obviously there is a fair amount that's stuck in the grass. Well I came in and was pottering around in the conservatory, when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Thinking it was a little bird (my garden is full of robins and blue tits) I went to see. Standing in the middle of my lawn was a mouse, bold as brass, picking up food, straw, anything he could get his mitts on - he may as well have been wearing a rucksack. Now I've always known I have mice in that area of the garden, and in fact have created a little haven of rocks and wood for them to nest in - I'd rather they were there than inside!!! but the sight of this little one just made me laugh.

"Hey guys come on out - you'll never guess what she's left, there's food, and straw for a much more snuggly nest - she must have known we were cold in all that snow last week". . . I had visions of them doing the conga round and round their new snuggly home. . . . . roaring fire, food on the table, decent bit of music!!!! (yeah I know I'm mad, too many books like Wind in the Willows when I was younger!!)

The title of the Post says of mice and men. . . . . . well I lied about the men bit, it's just that the title was good!!!!!!

Have a nice Sunday everyone!


  1. Anonymous11:25 am

    Hello, I have been blogging around blog sites and have found one with the same dogs in as you, maybe you would like to take a look. Cannot get into her site to tell her about you. The blog is called

    'All ears and no brains' and her name is Becki.

  2. Great post Noo! And good luck with Spot :) Love the mice story, how cool - and yes, agree they were probably having a huge Fiesta to celebrate the unexpected mid-Winter abundance.

  3. aww bless them!!!! I like mice:-)
    The chickens will get used to you!! The ones we had when we were little used to run to see you when you opened the shed door, and they would let you stroke them too:-)

  4. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Having just returned home from Noo's, where we were also fed in abundance, and we didn't have to forage in the garden for it. Chicks are really lovely and even Bonnie was relatively calm and slightly mesmerized!! I think we can all sigh a sigh of relief that she didn't try to eat them. Didn't actually spy any of those mice I guess they were all partyed out for now. Yes we had a lovely Sunday thanks.

  5. Silvia7:20 pm

    Love the Mouse story. yep they will have a Party!! Wouldn't surprise me if you c=get a Thank you Can't wait to see your first Eggs

  6. Loved hearing all about the mouse! Really enjoying reading about your new hens, I would love to keep them one day when I have a garden :)

  7. I've heard of mice with clogs on, but not rucksacks!

  8. Excellent!! Just have to hope they don't move into the house!!

  9. Hi, I wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for supporting myself and Andrew via your post on Ruths blog! We are extremely grateful and appreciate you taking the time to help in the fundraising!

    {{{HUGS}} and love,

    Natalya (talj) xx


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