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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh My

I know most of my readers don't trade - I think you're pretty much all knitters round here, but still today is worthy of note!!

I made a BIG mistake on my trading last year, and consequently frightened myself out of it for a while. Today I woke up, read some news and just knew to put a sell trade on the Dow Jones. I got 50 points within about half an hour,so closed the trade and was very pleased with myself, for having broken my fear and traded sensibly. . . . . until just now. . . . . . it's down 550 points!!!!!!! - Now for all sorts of reasons I'm kind of pleased I'm out of the trade because that would have scared the whatsits out of me, but really 550 points - I'd have been rich!!!! *rolls eyes* !!!!


  1. Oh! Bummer!

    The nearest I ever came to trading was a inter schools competition to virtual trade on the stock market. I didn't do well (well me and the 5 others in my A Level accounting class) :rollseyes: :)

  2. No idea what all that meant, but being sensible sounds like a Very Good Plan to me :)

  3. I have only a vague idea what you mean too! Lol! It's one of those things though isn't it, if you'd hung on, it would have been s*ds law that it would have gone the other way!

  4. Way over my head too!! But glad your pleased! (I think!) lol!


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