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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well here they are!

I think this one will be Big Bea!! - although I haven't fully decided yet - She is a little bigger than the other, and has a gammy toe!!!! (actually the only way I can really tell them apart!) I think I may call the other one Molly!

And here is their new home!!! They seem to be very pleased to have a bit of grass to peck on - don't think that novelty will wear off for a while!!! They are nicely tucked up in bed now!

They have settled in quite well already, despite the fact that Spot seems to think that trying to herd them around the run is fun!! (she is slowly learning that it isn't, with the aid of a water bottle!!!!!) But I don't think I'm going to ever be able to free range them with her around!

In other news, I made a card this week for a relative's birthday :-

This is only the third style of card I have made, so I am still very much playing and learning, but I enjoyed it!

I also bought a blender and this book this week......... go on click the link - and I double dare you not to buy the book!!!!!!! hahahahaha

Well that's about you caught up I think! - I now need to prise Spot away from the Kitchen door, as she seems to think that if she lies there and looks lovingly out of the doors, maybe the chooks will wake up and play!!


  1. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Oh my, how lovely are they, new friends for Bonnie too!!!! she and Spot will be playing Chicken.......
    How lovely is that card, I need some tips. Well smoothies, need i say more, how delicious do they sound, you know never to dare your Mother ha ha.

  2. oh they look great we can't wait to come and meet them! i get the innocent newsletter and didn't even know they had a book out - dagerous! xxxx

  3. What fun new chickens!!!! Just you wait till that first egg!!!!!!

  4. What a goodlooking pair of burds, Noo:) And I so recognise that 'look of love' in Spots eyes ... One of Molly's pups is 'back home' with us just now and she takes on that look of undivided attention too when eyeing up one of the 4 cats - which she has determined to be personal playthings! And must have bought my smoothie maker at the same time as you - the lengths you go to to force fruity goodiness down kid's throats! I bought a pamphlet with over 300 smoothie recipes from an ebay seller for 99p + postage (it's an email, matey??????). Can find the details if you want to add to the recipes collection?

  5. The chooks are wonderful, and how posh is their house? And well done on the card making - you really are gifted.

    PS: Am not buying the Smoothie book, no, am not :)


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