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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gardening craft!

Just a quick mention to all the wonderful gardeners that read my blog.... we have added a section for gardening to our crafty threads 'n' yarns forum. It seems a couple of our members have allotments and a few others grow veg in the garden, and of those that don't we already (after 2 hours of the extra section) have encouraged a couple to give some "veg in pots" a go!!!!

I know you probably all have a favourite forum already, but we're a friendly bunch and it wouldn't do any harm to pop along and have a squizz!

In other news, Molly has laid an egg, but it was soft shelled :(, although apparently that happens quite often when they first come into lay, so no matter, we'll just wait until she's ready to have another go!

The salad leaves are growing great guns, and the cold snap at the beginning of week doesn't seem to have put them off at all. Luckily the greenhouse is right in the sun so it warms up a treat with just a little encouragement.

Spot has had her first tick of the year! YUK!!!!! Nasty horrible creatures! I wonder what their purpose in life is? So we've been to the vet to get the icky stuff that ticks don't like (we hope!)

Well, that's about it for now, ..... am watching old episodes of M*A*S*H - great fun!


  1. I would imagine that you use Shell Grit...helps in the 'crop' to grind food and provide calcium to harden the eggs...also available at beaches for free especially Climping I would say.....p

  2. I will pop along to your forum to say 'hello' later in the day or this evening - just off to brave the cold to get something to write about later!

  3. Am so pleased we've got the veg section now Noo as its given me a bit of a push to get on planning what I'm going to be doing with my patio pots this year - toms, beans, beetroot, salads, strawbs and maybe some pots I think! Well done to Molly and I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon (told you it would be long as she was probably jealous of Bea)!

  4. My dad gives his chickens grit in with their feed, to harden the shells I'm sure??!! And I'm off to buy seeds and pots tomorrow too!! Just hope its the right time to plant, I've no greenhouse and its still very cold up here, maybe I could bring stuff into the house overnight....... I need to do a little research I think!

  5. I'll have to have a look at the forum, especially the veg section, might give me the push I need.
    Aren't ticks horrible! I'm off to check Paddy and Alfie now!

  6. I too will pop across and have a look!

  7. Hi Noo, could you do me a favour. I have joined creative living but cant sign in, i cant send an email either could you leave a message with the admin sort, of hit a brick wall here!
    Many Thanks


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