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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It doesn't get much better

Here we are only on the 13 March and I am sitting in my garden working on my laptop! - No photos to prove the point 'cos I'm on the very edge of my wireless limit! But I am! - Baseball cap on to shield my eyes. Spot at my feet drooling at the chickens. . . said chickens currently fighting over the dust bath!!. . . . . . . Another month and I'll be moaning about the heat!!!!


  1. Its still cloudy and cold here:-( No sitting in the garden for me for a few weeks yet I imagine!!!!

  2. It's quite cold here too and I am sure there were spots of rain on the windows earlier :(

  3. it heaved with rain here earlier, only warm place is the conservatory in the 5 mins that the sun does make an appearance!! i'm jealous!! xxx

  4. Well,up here in the frozen North we had a glimpse of sunshine today! If you put all the comments together, you'll have the weather forecast!!

  5. We are never happy with the weather are we!!!

  6. Sadly having been on nights Monday and Tuesday the sunshine has passed me by this week. And it's grey and overcast today - wouldn't you just know it!

    But there's nothing like blue sky and sunshine to lift the spirits! :)


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