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Monday, March 26, 2007

Stop the world.......

...... I need to catch up!!!

Wow, three days away from the PC, and it's taken hours to catch up. I've just read 43 blog updates..... and three pages of forum posts! (and have commented on neither because that would just have taken too long...... but I have enjoyed reading all of it!)

So, how comes I've not been around.....???? Well, on Friday Mr Noo and I went to Portsmouth for a couple of hours. We went to the Blue Reef Aquarium, and besides loads of fish, we also saw these....

aren't they cute?? (mind you they were making a horrendous din, and they didn't smell to friendly either! )

We had a lovely lunch out, and quite frankly just laughed a lot, and tried to stress-bust a little (I always find laughter works well for that!) Mr Noo has been busy of late and needed reminding that life is FUN!!!

On Saturday, I cleaned out the chickens, made a couple of Easter cards..............

and then some friends popped in for Coffee (well actually 2 beers and a coffee!) and somehow the day was over... I'm sure someone has sped up time these last couple of days.

Yesterday I went down to Ford market, in Sussex, where there is a really good butcher (it's a bit of a long trek but really worth it once every couple of months to fill up the freezer).... and I also bought some plant pots for some of my recent veg/fruit aquisitions. I had bought some meat for a friend too, so pootled straight to theirs from the market, and spent several hours there drinking tea and putting the world to rights...... so Sunday ran out too!!

Today, I have take Miss Spotley for a long walk......

(can you seen what we saw, trying clicking on the photo... - they were actually a lot closer than the photo suggests, as it was only taken on my phone! - we stood watching them for a good couple of minutes)

potted up a gooseberry bush (well twig really but it'll be fine!)

and some strawberry plants,

had 2 poached eggs on muffins for lunch (provided by BOTH my lovely hens!!!! - Yay for Molly
she's joining in!) and then promptly fell asleep for an hour and a half!!!! - Not quite what I had in mind for the afternoon, but sometimes you just have to give in!

This should give you a laugh...... on the left of my greenhouse, all my lovely salad leaves and the cabbages have just started to show....

On the right, I had started a few sunflowers, a bit early but I have loads of seeds and thought I'd see how they did starting in the greenhouse....... but when I looked on Saturday morning
a mouse had decided they would be much better put to use for his tea!!!!

Finally, a photo of my camelia,

I have seen many in blogland that are open and "doing it", but mine remains steadfastly dozing (bit like me then!) I'm surprised because my garden is full day sun with not a shady bit in sight, yet it just seems to think that it's not ready yet ....... wonder if it knows something we don't??


  1. I love otters they are so cute!

  2. Cor, you've been busy :)

    Loving the otters and the garden seems to be coming along a treat. Your camelia is more intelligent than my neighbour's, which bloomed just before the snow and winds of last week and lost all it's flowers. lol :)

  3. As did my Camelia, mind you I'm glad I posted pictures otherwise no one would believe it. Yours is definitely more intelligent, no lost or brown edged flowers. :)

    It sounds like you had a lovely time! :)

  4. Glad you had a good day out with MrNoo, and agree, otters are cute but smelly :) Beautiful Easter card, I must get on with mine! Lucky you seeing deer during the day, am surprised Spot didn't spook them! Well done to the chooks, and the gardening is going well - those pesky meeces though :)

  5. Nice to see your greenhouse, lots going on in there! Chooks laying its great isn't it!!!


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