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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


After a long walk this morning (and I managed to jog for 9 minutes!!! YAY!!! Applause please) I have spent this afternoon in the garden, so this is a very brief update before I take a long soak in a hot bath...

Firstly, what may seem like a pot of weeds to you and I, apparently constitutes an entire afternoon's entertainment for a chicken or two

I have planted up some runner bean seeds and sweetcorn in the greenhouse, and re-planted some sunflowers (grrrr!) The lettuce, rocket, spinach and cabbages are all showing too!!!! I've dug over what was a bramble area, and I hope to plant onions there any day now! Spot has been helping by constantly fetching my leather glove every time I put it down!!! - She's such a poppet (no photos of that .... but now I wish I had!)

Right off for the bath, otherwise I may not be able to move tomorrow!!!!

(p.s. thanks for the lovely comments on the birdsong - I may try a few more videos, they're fun aren't they!)


  1. The chickens love it when your out in the garden with them and are even happier if you give them something to play with!!!!

  2. Sounds like you deserve a long hot bath :) I managed to get out in the garden for about 50 minutes at lunch time today and then had to go back to work but my mind was really on all the things I could have been doing. Ah well, turning the compost heap will have to wait till tomorrow ;)

    Loved your bird video, esp the bit with Spot disappearing round the corner!

  3. *Loud clapping* I can't remember the last time I jogged ;-)

    enjoy your soak in the tub - don't forget the choccy!

  4. Jogging? Whats that? ;)
    Chickens look so cute! Sounds like you are getting the gardening bug! Its addictive! We grow onions too. Have you tried shallots? You can start eating these earlier than the onions and they have a lovely mild taste.

  5. *applause*

    The chickens look like they are settling in really nicely - I love to see them scratching around in the field opposite my parents house, very relaxing!

  6. ***enthusiastic clapping accompanied by cheers***

    The chooks are looking so well - plump and perfect! Looks like you're getting along really well in the garden.

  7. HI, saw your comment and your pic of Spot over at Carrie Anne's blog... we have a spaniel that looks so similar to her, I just had to stop by "your place". So much interesting here to read! Take care, Stasia (whose blog is temporarily picture-less!)


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