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Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a fab weekend!

The weather is awesome!!!! This is next door magnolia in almost all its glory!! - It will open more than this, but if there's a downpour or a windy night this may well be the best we see it! - I don't think the photo really conveys how totally luminous it is - It looks beautiful!

Bea laid me another egg this morning, well around 12 o clock actually!, so I think we may be on a roll!! Finally! (Must have been the threat of the oven for Sunday dinner that worked!! ) Yesterday's was beautiful! - I actually had it for breakfast this morning, poached on toast! - Has to be said that I don't believe I've ever tasted such a lovely egg, or maybe I'm a little biased! - I've found a lovely little "extra" to the joy of owning chickens. When I opened my back door last night to let Miss Spot out for her night time walk around her estate, I noticed the most beautiful smell in the air. . . hay. . . . straw. . . . . woodchips all with a slight chill in the air on a clear, clear night! - That was a bonus at 11:30pm and one I took to bed with me and gave me dreams of mountain tops, bubbling streams and meadows!

I have spent today cleaning my conservatory windows. The only downside to the wonderful sunshine is that you can see all the dirt (or rather you realise you can't see outside!!!!) All washed now with neat white vinegar and dried with kitchen roll - hardly a smear to be seen! (And after an hour or so the place did stop smelling like a chippy!)

Spot has been out in the garden all day today - and consequently is now......................................

fast asleep!!!! - She is getting much better with the chickens and will just sit and watch them for hours now without chasing them. She was really funny when Bea was getting ready to lay though - as there was rather a lot of very loud clucking going on (well wouldn't you make a noise??) She was obviously scared out of her wits and didn't know what to do - she ran inside, but was then worried she might miss something, so ran back out to be welcomed by another loud cluck, so she ran in. . . . . and so on! - It was funny!

My lettuce and rocket seeds have started to show too. The spinach hasn't yet, but it won't be far behind. No photos yet as they're not worth it, but maybe in a day or two.

Finally, yesterday I did my first ever Iris folding. . . .

I saw the pattern online and couldn't resist, he has a home to go to (you know who you are!) and I've decided to call him Mojo...... he's been missing for a while!!!! I didn't quite get the whole doing it on the back thing and consequently I feel he's facing the wrong way - but hey it's my first go and it's kinda fun!!!

Well that's us about wrapped up I think, hope you all have a good week, and let's hope this weather continues eh? Is everyone else getting the sun?

p.s. Seahorse - I did see that you tagged me, and I will do it, but the only reading material I have around me downstairs is a Practical Poultry magazine and a Country Smallholding magazine! Unfortunately, neither have 123 pages, so I will do it when I am (supposedly) working upstairs!


  1. You sound like you had a fab weekend! The piggy is gorgeous, I have never heard of that craft before.

  2. I love your piggy! It's a really pretty effect.

    Well done for the spring cleaning too, that is just the sort of thing that I would put off like forever!!

  3. Congratulations on the 2nd egg. IT must be an "egg roll" you are on :groan:

    I love magnolia flowers. I remember spring term was always my favourite at college because the magnolias, rhododendrons and azaleas were all out in the grounds.

    The pig is very pretty too.

  4. How fabulous - I bet the eggs taste wonderful! :)

    Mojo is lovely - and if my guess is right, a very apt present for it's recipient!!!!!

    And the magnolia is stunning - I love the way everywhre is bursting into life at the moment.

  5. Your piggy is great. Hasn't it been beautiful this weekend. There are blossom trees out in Newcastle and in Manchester (where I live) I've spotted more than a couple of magnolia bushes in full flower over the last few weeks.

  6. Looks like you had a beautiful weekend! Our cherry tree has been in bloom for the last week, which is early for us up in the frozen north!
    Your iris folding looks really good, I love piggies!!

  7. I think you really are living 'The Good Life', in all senses! Sounds like bliss!

  8. That's a lovely idea! The card is lovely and very apt for the intended recipient who needs a mojo card :)

    You may get eggs regularly now if your very lucky. :) I'd think you deserve it too.

  9. What beautiful pics of the Magnolia: I always reckon they are the heralds of spring and are just so pure and majestic in form, aren't they? I've got a mini purple one in the front garden - not quite on the scale of your neighbour's yet! And am sure the intended recipient will be very grateful and touched by the mojo supplement:)

  10. And the mojo pig certainly worked his magic (and looks marvellous). Thank you so much Noo!!!

    Well done Bea on the egg laying and lucky you having fresh eggs, cant beat them. And Spot is too funny :)


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