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Saturday, March 03, 2007

YAY Sun!

It promised to be a beautiful day today - I walked into town to get some milk and a few other bits, then came back to set to in the garden............ except by then it was raining!!! - So, I tucked myself in my greenhouse and started some indoor salad:- Rocket, Lettuce and Spinach which I will pick young. Hmmmm can taste it in my sarnis already!!


  1. Oooh, lovely! I have grand plans for gardening every year but have something of a black thumb, so results are somewhat mixed! Nevermind though, it's all good fun. Hope you'll post some produce piccies later in the year.

  2. Knitting and growing things to eat, it doesn't get much better :)

  3. Silvia2:31 pm

    Sounds great. Wish I could get into gardening as much as I like but I am afraid I am a 'wanadoneverdo' Gardener...maybe this year I will get better

  4. I can taste it too! Must be the time of year for gardening, we just bought veggie seeds today too!

  5. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Hi, have just cought up with your blog and found your giving up consumer spending for lent very interesting. I have just finished a book called Affluenza and it is so apt to our modern consumer world. Maybe you can get it out of your library to support you in your lent mission.


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