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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friends again...

Well you can't stay cross with something this cute can you???
And she even let me brush her teeth!

Yesterday we had lots of cuddles whilst laying out in the sun together - I was reading the 6th Harry Potter book (in readiness for the new one because I couldn't remember what happened) and Spot was dreaming of chicken casserole. When I came in (some 4 hours later) I had lovely sunburnt arms and a t-shirt mark!! - Who'd have thought it was the middle of April, it's normally snowing! It must be said that I am still a little sore and bruised from the tumble (had to laugh at the comments - Yes Jacquie I'm really pleased no-one saw, which was undoubtedly my main concern...... and Terri, tripping over a Spaniel is one thing.. tripping over a Great Dane would be a whole different ball game!), but hope to be supple enough by tomorrow to carry on with the training, as I'm finding it hard to get past 10 minutes, and think if I miss a couple more days I'll end up going backwards!

In the greenhouse things are also aware of the warm weather. The runner beans and sweetcorn are both really growing well and will really have to be put outside soon as they're too big for their pots already. I know we may yet have some frost, but if we do, then I'll just have to start more - I've got plenty of seeds, so it won't be too much of a catastrophe.

The chickens are generally laying an egg each a day, with the odd day off for resting! So all is well in that part of my garden too.

A question for any gardeners out there - Does anyone know of a way to erradicate ants? They have nested in the middle of my new raised veg plot (grr) so I don't want to use powder or chemicals..... anyone got any bright ideas, 'cos last year I lost most of my runner beans to the little blighters (they don't half eat a lot!!)

Well have a lovely Sunday all....


  1. Spot is so cute - she still looks so puppy like. Glad to hear you are OK, if a little battered and bruised. I have used clove oil to try and get rid of ants - like the stuff you put on toothache. Put some in some water and swill around the area. It helped on my patio, but not sure about on the veg patch although I doubt it will do much harm.

  2. We have had great success with using red pepper (cayenne, ground) to keep ants out of our house - we just sprinkled it around the perimeter. If the sight doesn't bother you, try it for your plants.

    Glad to hear you are mending.

  3. Glad to hear that you and Spot have made up and that you should be able to carry on training. Good luck with the 10 minute barrier!!

    Not sure about ants. I remember reading something on an organic gardening site once about planting sacrificial crops that you know pests will eat instead, although how you stop ants eating your beans as well, I don't know!!

  4. Glad to hear you're on the mend and that Spot is forgiven.

    Re the ants - I had a nest last year under one of the slabs in my path and I poured several kettles of boiling water onto it. It was kind of gruesome and made me feel a bit uncomfortable but it did get rid of the whole nest and after that it was a case of there just being a few here and there for the rest of the summer. Plus it's an organic method of course!

  5. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Ah lovely Spot, no you can't stay mad for long. We had masses of ants last year and they did attack my runner beans really badly, so very interested in the remedies, not sure about clove flavoured beans, but maybe a new trend, perhaps a new ice cream flavour.

  6. Awwww! She is so gorgeous, how could you stay mad for more than a minute when you look at those huge,puppydog eyes!!
    Hope the bruises are retreating after your fall. Try having a black lab thats hard to see and big to trip over too!
    Never had ant probs, but I don't think I could 'boil' them like Seahorse!! I prefer mine grilled!

  7. Spot looks so cute. Glad your knee better!!

  8. Springers are such lovely animals always full of 'vim and viger' and always smiling!! Glad to hear your feeling better!!
    I always use boiling water for the ants too!!

  9. Yes boiling water works for me too, feels a little cruel though, but hopefully it is quick.

  10. Boiling water here too - I can't abide ants. And you're right - you couldn't stay cross with Spot for long could you - I'd last all of 10 seconds!


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