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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The garden's all go...

There are a thousand reasons why this bed shouldn't work! - I've only just made it! - The straw is pretty newly out of the chicken coop, so may be too strong, and the plants have all gone beserk in the greenhouse. So, I've had to plant them all out this weekend, as next weekend I'm away for a couple of days - and there is no way they would survive a hot day in the greenhouse, let alone a few days! The runner beans have gone mad - they are supposed to be climbing up the corn, but they outgrew that within the first week, (think I planted the seeds in the wrong order then???? :lol: ) so I've put a couple of canes up for the larger ones and paired the smallest beans with the largest corn plants so maybe if the corn gets a hurry on.........
The Onions have started in the big bed, and there are signs of other seeds, but as yet I'm not sure if they're weeds or veggies !! I have put in two courgette plants at the back there, and had to put my asparagus in here, which isn't what I wanted at all, but have no where else for it, so I will work around it somehow. I have also put a couple of sunflowers round the edge of the bed - just cos I love 'em!
I'm thinking Mr Noo did tell me I wouldn't have enough space, but I must ensure in future that he makes sure I actually listen when he's telling me something important!!!! - I still have purple broccoli and cabbages in the greenhouse. I'll fit them in somewhere!

Should my strawberry be flowering already - I have loads??

Finally for all you Spot fans....... this is she. As you can see, even after 3 months she still can't keep her eyes off the chooks and can you see her quivering with hungry desire...... at least on this vid she does turn her head - often her nose is pressed against the mesh and the only part of her that moves is her eyeballs as she follows them up and down... she is funny!


  1. Your veg is looking fabulous! I think I'm going to have the same problem re space.

    Poor Spot! It must be the doggy equivalent of looking in the choclatier's window when the shop is shut!

  2. Wow, your veggies are all coming along really well! I've decided not to grow any this year, as I'm not sure where I'll be for most of the summer, so I shall live vicasriously through your blog ;)

  3. Gosh your veggies are speeding along!! I really must get a move on!!!

  4. just put the ones you haven't got room for in our garden on your way thru.... ;-) (i hope that made you smile, as per your wish, you lovely big softie) XXX sis

  5. Spot sooooo wants those chooks LOL! Great video. And the garden is looking fantastic. Not sure about the strawberries. Mine havent flowered yet, but then they could be a different variety (did you buy an early one?). I think I read somewhere once you are not meat to harvest the fruits the first year, or something, but I couldn't wait and mine are fine :)

  6. Garden is looking fantastic lovely...don't worry about room...spaces will appear just for the other bits and for poor old spot the answer might be really dark sunglasses!!!p

  7. O! No wonder you're friends with Ruth. ... the Mysteries of Green Fingers are Yours ... what a colourful blog you have ... take care and all the best to you from


  8. Wow! I'll be putting in my fruit and veg order soon!

  9. most of my strawberries have flowered, don't know if it is normal or not, but they have so I am hopingn for early strawberries and cream.

    as for the water issue whilst you are away, if you have a water butt you can trail a hose pipe from the bottom of it and block the end and put a tiny hole in one side so it should drip feed them.

  10. Anonymous9:31 am

    Veggies are looking great, we set up a hose and put little pin holes in it and an irrigation, works really well. The lovely Spot is still licking her lips.......... i reckon she is doing a daily stock take to see how much weight they are gaining!!!

  11. You obviously have very green fingers!

    Spot is so cute. I shall have to put up a pic of my sister's Patch, as they could be sisters :)

  12. Spot is so cute enjoying the chicky channel :)


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