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Friday, April 20, 2007

Spot is in the doghouse!!!

We have just returned from our walk/jog, and Spot has been relegated to another room! - She tripped me up!!!! - while I was running!!!! - and I landed in brambles and have a grazed knee (I haven't had a grazed knee since I was about 12!!) Grrrrrr , bloomin' dogs!! (and No it's not funny!!!! - well OK probably if you had seen it it would have been!!!!!)


  1. Oh, ouch! I hope Spot is suitably contrite!

  2. Oh dear!!!!!!! Scooby has a habit of running in front of you, hence me leaving him home when I go jogging:-)

  3. Not good Noo! I recommend chocolate and a long soak in a Lush bubble bath to relieve the symptoms of grazed knee.

  4. You poor thing - hope no one saw! I am sure Spot is very sorry and didn't mean to do it! Hope the knee gets better soon!

  5. Uh oh! Bad Spot!

    I hope you heal soon so Spot can come out of the doghouse. :-)

  6. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I recommend a plaster, a hot bath, some choccie and a hug from your Mummy, there doesn't that feel better.

  7. Oh poor you! Silly doggie. Apply loads of vaseline after cleaning and keep reapplying and it will heal in half the time and with less scaring :)

  8. Lorraine11:31 pm

    Never mind your knee!!! poor Spot ok after having u fall over her??? On Wednesday's blog post u said your eyesight wasnt what it used to be, so dont go blaming poor old Spot ;)
    Best get your eyes tested b4 9th June eh?

  9. Oooh, your poor knee. (Nice cross-stitch BTW).

  10. Oh dear! Our pets have a way of getting under our feet!!!
    Don't pick the scab!!!!!!lol!!!!

  11. Helloooooooooooooo has taken me a couple of days to get here and thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Hope your knee is getting better!
    How is the culprit?



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