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Monday, April 09, 2007

With thanks to Ruth and Mick

I started reading 3 of Ruth's blogs at the end of last year. Me, My Life, My Garden is a blog about Ruth and Mick's garden, Ruth's Shoots which is a blog of gardening tips and There are a Million Stories in the Naked City which is a "no holds barred" blog/diary of Ruth's life as a wife, carer, mother and grandmother through Mick's illness.

I believe the greatest gift I can give to you and Mick this weekend, Ruth, is a photo of a greenhouse, which you have inspired me to fill with seedlings of flowers and veggies.

You are an inspiration to me, and I only hope and pray that I can tackle life with a fraction of your humour, strength, energy and love. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

If anyone wants to support Ruth through this weekend, take a look at her Easter Egg Hunt....... there are only 4 days left, but you can join in any time. Ruth is one of three contributers to the hunt..... but there are also recipes, jokes, and Easter fun and frolics. The reason they are doing it is that they hope you will have so much fun there that you will donate just £2 for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre..... just £2 - better for the waistline than a chocolate egg and cheaper too!


  1. Ooh look at all your little babies!


  2. This is the second blog post today to make me cry! I didn't know of Ruth and Mick before Noo but having followed your links, I too am in awe of their strength and devotion in the face of such terrible events.

    Your 'gift' is beautiful and perfect.


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