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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blog-a-long May 2007, Favourite Childhood Sweets

It's fitting that this is written on a Sunday, for Sundays are the tale behind my favourite sweets.....

You know the kind of Sunday I mean............ exactly like today............... rainy, dull, boring for a child.............. it was thus the Sunday "Grotty Movie" afternoon was born.

After our Sunday roast lunch, Dad would take us down to a small newsagents that sold sweets by the quarter..... jars and jars of sweets.

My favourites were sherbet lemons, they lasted ages, and made my mouth sore, but I loved them!!! If I was in the mood for more instant gratification then my choice would be chocolate raisins or rainbow drops.... but really sherbert lemons were the way to go.

We'd take our little white bags of delight home, and tune in - probably to BBC2, to find some old ham of a black and white movie! If we were lucky ... and good, the sweets lasted through the film, if we weren't we knew we weren't going to be bailed out by any other family members.... each had their own white bag, and that was that!!! (We did share a little really!) Mum and I would often sit on the sofa and knit whilst watching/scrunching.

So, if we were doing this today what would we find.... Unfortunately, not really a true "Grotty Movie" on terrestrial TV (Mission impossible is on ITV, but that's not quite in the spirit of the theme!)...... but with the benefit of freeview...."The History of Mr Polly" with John Mills on More4 at 16:10 this afternoon............ sherbet lemon anyone???
(If anyone fancies sherbet lemons just the way they always used to be is a site you must visit!)


  1. Oh yes I remember the Sunday afternoon movies only too well...and sherbert lemons...lovely...they made my mouth sore too. A great post.

  2. Rowntree's particular the green and black ones.
    I remember liking Opal Fruits, well until I ate a whole packet in a couple of mouthfulls! LOL! Haven't eaten since!


  3. In the immortal words of the Monty Python crew, 'You were lucky...' Lol! The nearest I got to sweet indulgence on a sunday afternoon was my Grandad treating me to a polo mint during the (invariably turgid) sermon at chapel!

    I do like hearing more about people and where they're coming from :)

  4. For me, it's gotta be Pineapple Chunks. They rip your tongue to shreds and rot your teeth, but I love them!!

  5. I love Lemon Sherbets and strawberry sherbets too. Sweet and sour, Yum! :)

    What a lovely montage Noo, I can see the roast being carved! :)

  6. You're so right about those Sherbert Lemons :-)

  7. What a lovely memory.

    I used to like those old movies that starred people like Sonia Henie the skater and Esther Williams the swimmer. In the movie they would become stars against all the odds.

  8. Silvia9:02 am

    That sounds like my kind of Sunday.I have the Corpses Bride waiting to be watched and need to stock up on old fashion sweets for that!! We have a wonderfull shop here in Town which has been set up like the old fashion sweety hubby tells me. I was not living in the UK when they were around

  9. Anonymous12:27 pm

    aaaaaaaah yes those were the days, our little chicks at home, and how we loved Sunday afternoons and grotty movies. Thank you for that lovely memory and for being part of it. M XX

  10. Sherbert Lemons are very yummy!

  11. Lovehearts!! Sherbert Lemons are great too.

  12. I love old fashioned sweets, especially Pear Drops (which I still get from our corner shop). I also remember when we used to get 10p and buy a bag of half penny sweets :) (showing my age now!).

  13. Sherbert lemons, everton mints and those red kola kubes. Mmmmmmmmm!

  14. Pear drops or pineapple chunks, and nowadays I watch the black and white films on 'Filn 4'!


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