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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Piglottie has new cards...

..... and they're awesome!

(If she wouldn't mind me saying, I have bought cards from her, and they are better in real life than the photos look - not that there's anything at all wrong with the photos, but they're just better IRL!)

It's so easy to order,
check the photo album,
get the PLxxx number(s),
leave a comment,
send an email,
and arrange payment (2 cheques, one for charity and one for p&p)....... go and have a look. It'll be worth your while!


  1. Noo you are a love! Thank you for the advertising. I agree, they look much better in real life - they are so hard to capture on camera.

    PS: Thanks for a giggle this evening - CAL or KAL that is the question? ;) **passes the G&T**

  2. They are indeed beautiful cards! Yarn too! I hope to have a go at a simple sock, I have never done one before and fancy having a go!! Can you recommend a pattern please!


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