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Saturday, May 19, 2007

So much to tell you!

Well I was such a lucky girl! My friends and family were so generous and thoughtful for my Birthday!

This first gift was for the Spring Birthday Exchange on the Crafty threads n yarns forum! - It was sent by Aknita, and comprised some amazing little chicken stitch markers (made by another forum member and available here), a ball of sock yarn for yummy walking socks, some gardener's hand repair (how did she know??) and the most precious cross-stitched card of a spaniel - Isn't that just perfect?

My sister sent me this little beauty to keep my eggs in, she is very handsome and is now pride of place in the centre of my kitchen dresser (and full already I might add!)
Mr Noo took me shopping to Reading! - I bought a few sleeveless T's and bits and pieces... some proper running trainers as opposed to the multi - purpose ones I've been using (they were in a sale - I love bargains!) and this....... yes it's a tool bag! - But just look how clever it is for us crafters........ loads of pockets for tools and bits and pieces..... and plastic storage box at the bottom with 20 compartments! I'm going to use it to tidy my card-making supplies up (which are currently in various strategic places..... on the floor!!!!!)
My wonderful friend Piglottie sent me these two skeins of Lorna's Laces colourway "Motherlode". The colour is just so me!!! - You are clever! I also got a beautiful bunch of flowers and some spending money, plus I have some Muskat on backorder from Scandinavian Knitting Design, so all in all I had an awesome birthday. And as I have already pledged that at 39, I don't want any more......... I couldn't be happier with this one, and feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Finally, for the photo-show, here is the finished Sahara! - I had to change the pattern quite substantially as the tension was all wrong, but it gave me a good idea of what I wanted to do with the Rowan Chenille. I am kind of cross with myself for the way I have knitted it, as I haven't taken much care. This yarn is an absolute bitch to knit, there is no give whatsoever, and the little fluffy chenilley bits snag on the stitches and make it hard to knit. I knitted it on 2 sizes smaller needle than recommended, because that gave the best appearance. Thing is now it's finished - I love it!!! The colour is really beautiful, and although totally different from the Sahara pattern, it has its own charm! - Just wish I'd been more careful knitting it...... but I think only knitters would see all the bad bits!

So what else to tell you? Well firstly, when Mr Noo and I were driving to Reading the other day he saw in a field on our left (as is his way) a deer. Asking me if I'd noticed (yeah right, I swear he was the prototype for the Six Million Dollar Man's eye) I had to admit defeat (nothing new there then) and he turned the car around and we went back..... as luck would have it the deer was right by a layby. So we pulled in and watched her, and watched her and watched her! She was quite close to the road, maybe only 90 odd ft back and showing no signs of moving away. A little worried for her welfare Mr Noo told me to get out of the car and see how close I could get to her, without scaring her too much, but just to push her back from the road a tad....... so I did, gently, gently............. and as I got closer I saw at her side a tiny pair of ears and a pointed nose...... she had a fawn!!!! it couldn't have been more than a couple of days old, and that was obviously why she was showing no signs of moving - she felt happy where she was. I've never seen a deer so young, it was awesome, and on my birthday too!!!! :)

The other little thing to tell you about are 2 new visitors to my garden... I wish I had taken photos, although with just a normal digi camera I doubt you would have seen much. But yesterday I had both a greenfinch, and a male bullfinch visit the garden. Both such amazing colours, and although I have seen both birds in the area, I rarely see them in my garden, and they stayed long enough to show off for a moment before going home!!!

On the knitting front, I've just finished a small pair of socks in some leftover Karisma superwash, and am now embarking on a cotton cardi.... photos soon!!!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend. x


  1. What a wonderful birthday Noo - and how blessed are you to see such a young fawn? What lovely presents, and I especially love the chicken stuff :) Sahara looks so elegant, and fits you so perfectly.

    Re: finches - I have them in my garden and I love to watch them. They are so bright and colourful. I find they prefer feeding off my table rather than the hanging feeder, and they also like nyger seed if you can get any - might help them to keep coming back.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely load of pressies and Mother nature sent you some gifts too.

  3. So glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Fab pressies and seeing the doe and fawn must have been magical!

  4. So much to catch up on!

    I hope you had a really great birthday :)


  5. Sahara is so lovely and fits you perfectly. I love your egg chicken!

  6. That is a lovely story about the deer and fawn :)

    I love your new chooks. :)

    Overall it sounds like a perfect birthday for Noo :D

  7. Your birthday sounds very special indeed - and I'm so pleased you liked everything :-)

    I also love Sahara - yet another pattern I have lying round waiting.

  8. Anonymous10:37 am

    i am glad chicken is useful - wanted to find you one for ages!! we had greenfinches last year, amazing colour, but haven't seen them yet this year. well jealous of your bambi sighting! love sis xxx

  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a really special day, and you truely were spoilt by your friends and family - excellent!!

    I love Sahara, it's come out beautifully.


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