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Thursday, May 24, 2007


(I was going to use "I smell" as the title but thought that might put you all off reading!)

Do you appreciate your ready supply of water....? I mean, really...? I thought I did, but as it turns out, I do a lot more now!

There is a leak in the water main outside my house. It's been there 14 days, and it's (apparently) getting worse. It was first noticed by my neighbour, who had a dreadful vibration in her water pipes (to the point where she couldn't sleep for the noise) and reported to Thames Water on 10 May. When the man came to look, he explained that because we live on a very busy junction of two main roads, they would have to get permission from the council to dig up the road. Fair enough, it's what you'd expect...... Except that 14 days later it hasn't been done...... and my water pressure is getting less and less every day. To the point where, since the weekend, it hasn't been enough pressure to fire up my combination boiler, so I've had no hot water. I did manage to put a little water in the bath on Monday, filled from kettles and cool water - enough to wash my hair and have a bit of a splosh, but it took about an hour. I've spoken to Thames Water and am now on the "escalation" list, but they still can't tell me when it's going to be sorted. So I'm sure you can imagine how I feel after my raceforlife training.... running (ish) for about 25 mins, come in all hot and sweaty, and have to wash down with cold water and a flannel!!!! mmmmmm lovely!

Now the point of the post is not really to publicise my lack of personal hygiene!!! But more to make you wonder about water. I always thought I was pretty frugal with water. I have a water meter, and am careful about what I use....... both because of our ongoing lack of the stuff in this country, and also because I am aware that people in other countries aren't as lucky as I am in being able to turn on a tap. But this has really made me realise how much i rely on having a hot tap available, and that I am probably not nearly as thoughtful as I mean to be! It makes you think!


  1. Absolutely! We had to have our water temporarily turned off last year for some pipework to be done (literally just a couple of hours) but even in that short time there were so many things we just couldn't do! I hope Thames Water pull their finger out and get you sorted asap.

    That not withstanding, it does indeed make you mindful that at least you're not walking miles to your nearest source and having to carry it home on foot :/

  2. Firstly, hope you get it sorted out soon Noo and don't distress Spot too much with your odour le jogging ;) And secondly, I try to have a healthy respect for water and not to waste it. I was brought up in Australia, where water shortages are a huge issue, and I remember even as a young child having a strong awareness of using water efficiently and not wasting it. It never ceases to amaze me though how people here waste water so much. Unfortunately, I think it may be one of those lessons that people only learn the hard way :(

  3. We do take water for granted but I really think the leak should be repaired. There have been a lot of publicised cases of water leaks in our area going unrepaired....such a waste of water.

  4. I hope you get your water sorted out really soon!

    Water, or lack thereof, really is at the root of many problems.

    At New Year I started donating to Water Aid because I read a report campaining for cheaper disposable sanitary products for women in Africa. The article claimed that they 'need' disposable stuff because they don't have enough water to wash and reuse. That is just barmy.

  5. Hope you get your problem sorted out. As soon as you're without water for even the shortest time it really does bring home to you the desparate problems facing those who live without clean water.

  6. Hi! Found my way here from Piglottie and just had to say hi. ;)
    I too have a Spaniel, an Springer spaniel called Lexie (named after the tv-serie Monarch of the Glen ;)
    and she knows just how to drive me crazy...
    Best wishes from Sweden

  7. My Grandmother used to say,
    'You don't miss the water till the well runs dry' and it is so true. We take our safe clean water supply for granted and it is only when we have problems that we sample what some people have to live with daily.

  8. I DO hope it's sorted soon. And you're right, there is nothing like being without something to make you realise how much you appreciate it.

  9. A comment from a bushy here in Australia to those in the cities that basically said Its simple in the bush, if the tank runs dry you have no can not live with the expectation that it will always be there. Our rivers are dying, our wetlands have become acidic with about the same PH as battery acid...we have interfered and changed the natural cycles.
    We have tanks and are very careful with our water...cos when it runs out we have to wait for rain....
    Get them out to fix it or write to the newspapers with your comments...


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