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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Time Traveller's Wife and Garden abundances.

I am currently listening to The Time Traveller's Wife as an Audio Book from Audible. You pay a monthly subscription charge (£7.99 for one book or £14.99 for 2) and for that you can choose any book from their website. The Time Traveller's wife is an unabridged version - at 18 hours long!! - and is an excellent listen! I've vaguely thought about buying the book several times, but it looked like one of those books I may or may not get around to reading! - I used to read a lot in the summer months whilst sitting in the garden, but now I tend to be knitting or crocheting, and you can't do both!!!! - An audio book is a fab idea. And in this case it's a far better way to get the story. It is read by two narrators, a male taking the role of Henry and a female the role of Claire. I don't know if I would ever have gotten "into" the book if I'd read it, but listening makes it so much more real. It's basically a love story, but with a twist! I'm half way through now, and have got to that point where I want to be listening to it all the time!!!! A definite recommendation.

I also wanted to show you these today. This is the area at the back of my garden where the chickens will one day live! I always get to the same state at this time in the year...... in the spring I turn it over and weed it thoroughly and then other things take over and it gets left just one week too long........ and then..... these grow.....................
all by themselves...... and let's face it you couldn't dig them up could you????!!!!! In effect they're weeds - I've never planted or sown them, but it just goes to show that a weed is a flower in the wrong place - and these....... well they can stay for (yet) another year!!!!!!

Finally, this weekend's courgette harvest! - It's started!


  1. Thee poppies are very pretty! Hooray for the courgettes!

  2. I really love audio books too...I borrow them from the library for a small fee. Looking forward to a nice Summer's day, relaxing in a chair in the garden and having a good "hear"....there will be some summer won't there??? Love your poppy; does it come true from seed?
    Enjoy your harvest

  3. I have a lot of my garden like that bit you weed each year! It is interesting to hear what you think of the audio books, I am tempted but I can't seem to find headphones that stay in my ears!! It is putting me off my MP3 player at the mo.

  4. I started reading the TT'W but just couldn't get into it - maybe I should try audible books too!

  5. I read TTTW and thought that it was pretty good.

    Love the flowers and well done on the courgette harvest. They look yummy!

  6. I read the TTW and couldn't put it down. At times it was really funny, and at times really really sad. I have recommended it to so many people, but , as reflected here, most didn't enjoy it. I loved it. It felt real.

  7. I loved that book, it's excellent. Your garden is doing so well, I love seeing how everything is coming along.


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