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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Training Update - 5 days to go

Well last night I actually managed to run 2 miles!!!!! (with a small 2 min break in the middle) !! It was a beautiful chilly evening, and I knew that the conditions were perfect for me. It must be said I was proud of myself!!! The raceforlife on Saturday is at 2pm, so if the weather is hot I know that I'm going to find it really hard as really we haven't had too much in the way of "heatwave" weather for training in! But I know now that I can do it, and even if I fail to run the half distance on Saturday I know that I've done what I set out to do!!

I am hugely grateful to all who have sponsored me, and I have often gone back and read your comments on my sponsor page to keep me going when training motivation was a little low!

Hopefully there will be piccies after the race! - well at least I'll have an excuse for looking a mess!

Thanks again, I'm running for us all x


  1. Best of luck Noo!!!! I'm hoping to do 5k on sunday for the first time running all the way:-O) I'll be willing you on on saturday, I know you can do it:-)

  2. Anonymous9:22 am

    Hope it all goes well on Saturday. We are hugely proud of you. Take care. Good luck to Terri and all others taking part too.

  3. I'll be cheering you on in spirit. You've put so much into this, you're fabulous!

  4. Best of luck and well done for running 2 miles! You will do great on Saturday! xxx

  5. Anonymous5:20 pm

    just remember to take plenty of water on board esp if it's hot. i thought you were running on sunday so just as well i checked in ;-) sorry i'm not there to cheer you on but next year we'll do it together !!! love ya sis xxx

  6. Did give you a mention on my Million Stories blog the other day...another blogpal is running this evening in Chester....and our niece is also running on wondeful that so many people take part. Will be thinking of you on Saturday.

  7. Good luck!! I'll be cheering you on while being a lazy sod!

    Go go go.........can you knit and run? on knitting in public day. :)

    I've tagged you but only do it if you feel up to it. :)

    After all you will probably be exhausted. :)

  8. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Good luck on Satuday.I am sure you can do it without breaking in to a sweat.
    sorry ladies perspire.
    love d

  9. Well done Noo! You've put in so much work, and its all for such a great cause. Will be cheerin gyou on, on Saturday :)


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