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Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, where to start?

Firstly an update on the knitting. This first photo of the sleeve in making, is a little better representative of the colour (although still not quite rich enough to do it justice) The second is the progress so far. I want to get it finished soon so I can move on to my next project! When it grows up it's going to be this DROPS 100-2

The next project is going to be this DROPS 101-22 in this:-

It's a little more feminine than I would normally wear, but a girl has to be a girl sometimes, and I think it'll be lovely for the summer!

So that's about it for knitting progress, now onto veggies:-

Here is bed one, with onions, carrots, cabbages and courgette (plus a couple of sunflowers round the back!) There are also a large number of weeds at the moment due to the rain, but hey at least the veggies are growing!!!!!

This second bed is the 3 sisters: Sweetcorn, runner beans, and butternut squash. The squash isn't doing very well, but everything else is making up for it.... and see on the left hand side is purple sprouting broccoli. I thought I'd pop it in there as it wouldn't be ready 'til after the winter, so I thought it would be really slow growing and small - how wrong can a person be!!!!! There is also a tomato plant and a couple of capsicums in this bed but they're not doing so well.... although it is really still only early and they have plenty of time to liven up!!!!

Next my birthday haul: With HUGE thanks to Mama (my beloved grandmother) who send me some money to splurge on myself. I bought these from Joycesupershop on eBay. There are 12 sets of 5 DPN's in all sizes from 2mm - 8mm all at 20cm long. Then there are another 4 sets of 15cm DPN's 2.25mm, 2.75mm, 3.25mm and 3.75mm (which are all great odd sizes for sock making!) Then 12 aluminium crochet hooks size 2mm - 8mm and 8 bamboo crochet hooks size 4mm - 10mm. All for under £20. Now they're never going to please needle snobs, but for those of us that like to ensure we have every size in-house for every eventuality, then these are perfect. The bamboo softens beautifully when used, the thinner needles are quite pointy and the thicker ones more rounded. Just perfect for socks and sleeves and all things round!!!!

I also bought this book on a bit of a whim and totally enabled by Chrissy. I have loads of stuff in my Amazon wish-list, but no I dove straight in and got something completely different! - Don't think I'll ever be making a wand-cover, but actually the jumpers, socks and odds and sods are lovely and very wearable. (Wonder how old DearNephew has to be before he will appreciate a Quidditch sweater?)
Along with the book I also bought an updated 1Gb MP3 player that plays audio books (yep I was enabled again by certain forum members!!!!) My last one didn't, but this one is cheap and cheerful and does the job! (You don't need a picture - it's an MP3 player!) and it comes with an armband so I can use it when jogging without popping it down my bra (you don't want to know!) Actually am miffed now as I've just seen that they've put the price down by £6. Still it was cheap at £24 so I can't complain!

So thanks Mama, it was lovely to treat myself!!!

Finally my eBay bargain for the month:-
£62 for the lot, collected from Reading. There's loads there, probably 100m in varying heights. More than I thought when I was bidding, and I'm chuffed to bits as (when I've found an equal bargain in the timber department) I'll be able to build the chickens a lovely big run, and have enough left for a small broody ark/hospital/quarantine area, so I can increase my chicken population a little!!!!!
Phew, must be time for a drink now, I'm exhausted!!!!!!!
p.s. Water to be fixed Thursday evening - watch this space!!!


  1. Those drops patterns look lovely, I especially like the red one. Lovely birthday bits you bought! Good luck for the water on Thursday!

  2. Fab patterns there, and I love the colours you've chosen for the yarn.

    Great shopping too :)

  3. I love both of those tops!

    The garden is looking great. You are ahead of me!

    Are you going for posh fancy chooks?

  4. Your garden looks great. Please put on some pics of your chickens.
    How many more are you looking at buying? I've got 7, 3 older girls who I inherited from my Father-in-law, and 4 new girls who we bought at easter. I get about 4-5 eggs per day.
    I have also discovered the same needles from HongKong, I have used the DPN's, and the bamboo circulars, but I haven't got the bamboo crochet hooks.


  5. Sorry to be so daft, but I've just found the photos of the chickens on your blog. incere apologies.
    They are beautiful looking birds.


  6. Wonderful things! The patterns and yarn look stunning. And your garden is growing so well (try a comfrey feed on the toms etc, should help a bit). And what a bargain for dpns and stuff!


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