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Monday, July 30, 2007

Harvest Festival - Or What I had for Sunday dinner!

Well, it's got to that time of the year when the garden is producing more than enough to live on - As long as you never get bored of runner beans and courgettes! - Here was last night's dinner, baby carrots, runner beans (which went beautifully with a chicken leg and some new potatoes) and for desert 4 ripe plums! mmmmm
I have painted about one third of the chicken run! - Their house is in there too, along with a little bit of cover for them for when it rains, and to keep their food dry! - They seem very happy and I've had eggs from them both, and they're eating well. So all is good there.

For all you Spot fans:- The pooch seems to have been a little side-lined lately, so here she is in all her spaniel glory........

...... and what is she making those big beautiful brown eyes at..........
Mum has a bottle of beer!!!!!
I've taken the verification code off my comments for a while, to see if I get hit by spam. I have been having a lovely email conversation with a blind gentleman through work, and as part of the discussions I have learnt how very un-user-friendly the verification codes are for blind and deaf-blind users, because their screen readers can't read the image. Now blogger does at least have an audio facility (although obviously no use to a deaf-blind user), but have you ever heard it?? Go find a blog that uses the verification and click on the little disabled icon next to the box - it took me 8 goes to get mine! - Which is why it's not there any more!
Finally, my next social outing is to visit a very, very dear friend in Norwich next week. - I go up there for a day next Tuesday - and his birthday is on Friday. If anyone has any suggestions for a birthday gift for a Catholic Bishop, I'd be grateful! (I should add that he does have an excellent sense of humour!!!)
Right, Spot and I are off for a very long walk now! Byeeeeee
P.s. Thanks for all your lovely comments on the new layout - I can't take the credit though! - For a lovely selection of blogger templates check out Finalsense. Be warned though you will lose all your widgets!
p.p.s I have been tagged twice - for a Schmoozer award and a Rockin'Girl blogger award. I want to acknowledge both awards properly as I'm stoked to have received them, but just haven't quite got the time at the mo. Please bear with me!


  1. I haven't used verification for a long time and (touch wood) have had no problems!!! So good luck!!

  2. Yay for those lovely looking veggies. I hope the chickens appreciate their new home, it looks really rather splendid!

    As does the new layout :)

  3. Make him some socks to match his vestments (is that what Bishops call them?)... or give him some yarn, some needles and a lesson!

  4. Oooh, home grown dinner! The very best kind of grub!

    I know of at least two knitting bishops (poss both retired now) perhaps you could get Michael some yarn and needles and tell him about what all the other trendy bishops are into these days!

  5. Your veggies look good and isn't Spot sweet. I just want to reach out and stroke him. I've never had word verification and have never experienced any problems.

  6. Anonymous7:49 pm

    I have given this some thought and I reckon a basket of home produce chez Noo would be just wonderful. Love the new coop, sorry about the instant patchy suntan, but hopefully with the lovely weather at the mo it will even out!!!!!!

  7. Spot! She looks so little - is she losing weight? Bless ;) Great produce (chutney I say!) and have a fab time in Norwich.


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