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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lessons Learnt

1:-Decide that you want to paint light coloured wood before you make an enormous chicken run and staple wire to the wood apparently at 2cm intervals

2:-When using water protective wood stain, remember it isn't very likely to come off you very easily either!

3:-Re No. 2 - Wear a hat!

4:-Re No. 3 - If you aren't wearing a hat, don't stand underneath the beam that you are painting.

5:-Don't wear a sleeveless t-shirt.

6:-Wear old clothes, shoes, hat, glasses, and if possible old skin - - you'll need the new stuff to cover yourself in after you've scrubbed all the old skin off in a vague attempt to remove dark brown stains from all over your body/face/hands/hair!

7:-Enjoy it! - Well you might as well - it's going to take weeks!

I'm going to get my knitting out now - it's safer!


  1. GG:), been there done that. Enjoy your knitting

  2. I suppose you could give yourself an even coating all over and then it would look like you'd been away somewhere exotic for a few weeks.

    Hope the chickens appreciate their new home!

  3. Ooops! I'm with Jacquie, lather it on and say you're a big fan of David Dickinson!

  4. Love Seahorse's comment!
    Their new home looks fab though, definitely worth all the effort and skin staining!

  5. Idid something similar once painting a fence...well I didn't know it wasn't going to wash off did I? :o)

  6. Mandy and I were very chuffed at the new coop...and the humour in your blog re the same...look forward to more piccies with new hens...very impressed looks

  7. doh! i expect your school report, like mine, said something along the lines of 'must think things through before starting project'...!!! you should have waited for DN's help ;-) xxx


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