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Friday, July 27, 2007


I cannot begin to tell you how tired we are!!! But here it is - practically finished (needs some finishing touches, (perches etc) but they're in and it's done! Mr Noo has gone home now - and I'm already tucking into the beer!!!!! (My feet are killing me!!!!)

View from bedroom window:

View from outside
Here they both are enjoying their new space

We are going to put a full mesh floor in to protect from Mr Fox, but the ground isn't level, and if there's one thing that chickens can do well, it's sort out weedy uneven earth!!! Their house is in there and up in the air, and we've put some extra barricading around the perimeter to hopefully deter any night time visitors - to be honest they're existing house and run didn't have a bottom, so it's no different, just have to keep our fingers crossed for now.
Anyway that's it from me for tonight - I'm too tired to write any more! Just like to say a welcome to Janey, Snowgoose and Wild Rose - lovely to have three new readers, and thank you so much for your comments!
Hopefully there will be another update over the weekend as the Muskat cardi (the "next project as mentioned here!) is nearly finished!


  1. That is great! Sadly my friends chooks got taken the other day by a fox digging under, so the mesh is a good plan.

  2. Tres posh chook abode! The look very content, and I think you thoroughly deserved the beer :)

  3. You have worked hard! The chickens look happy and you deserve that beer :o) Love your 3 columned template.

  4. Lucky chicks, hope they reward you with lots of eggs.

  5. that looks great! i am impressed with the amount of clearing you have already done as i only saw that space a few weeks ago ;-) your DN will be able to get right in there with them!! i could leave him there all day hahahahaha! xxxxxx

  6. Great stuff! Nice to see some more garden pics too!

  7. Wow! pretty impressive for a days work!! My hubby could never do that!!!!


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