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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Simple Maths



AND therefore hopefully a brand new 12' x 12' chicken run! The Panels are 6' x 6' so I'll actually be able to stand up while cleaning it and putting their feed in etc. - and *ahem* it'll mean room for a few more birds.!! - Not many more because this run will be static, and I've heard they can get a bit pongy!!! But Mr Noo fancies an Orpington, and I'd like a Sussex and maybe a Dorking - or maybe just a couple of hybrids, I'm not too fussy!!!! (What I'm really after is a basket full of different coloured eggs!!)

In other news: The final Harry Potter book was good. I won't say any more because I know there are people who haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I loved it. I hope to read the entire series again now, and hopefully even remember what all the spells do!!!

The job, is quite frankly, crap! but that's a whole different post for another time. I'm certainly not doing what I'm good at. So, that's enough on that subject!

The poor pooch hasn't been walked in over a week, and both of us are putting on weight! - Although I'm only working 8 - 2, it seems that the heavens open every time I leave the office, and on the odd dry afternoon there is grass to cut, and other things to do. - We're both fed up with the situation! The weather here has been pretty bad, but Oh My, my heart does break for all the people up and down the country who have been affected by flooding. Watching the news is really emotional, so many people have lost so much! Many friends from blogworld and the crafty threads n yarns forum live in and around the areas affected, so I want you all to know that I'm thinking of you!

The veggies are continuing to thrive though, apart from my purple broccoli which has been eaten by something..... possibly snails! - they are only taking the centre most stems though, cheeky little beggars!.... and yesterday I ate my first plum of the year from the tree my sister bought me for my 30th birthday! The tree hasn't fruited quite as prolifically as normal but it did loose a large branch last year in the wind, due to the weight of the fruit, so it's not necessarily a bad thing, especially with all this wind and rain. - Also it's less for Spot to pinch when I'm not looking!!!

Finally, I have re-decorated Noo's Knits with some more summery colours for a while, just to remind myself that it really is nearly August!!!!

How you all doing?!!


  1. Glad you got a plum! and thanks for not giving the H.P. plot away. I'm sure I'll stumble across it before I get to read it :o( The chicken run looks great....not a trace the "rustic" (our word for bodge) look that Mick and I often achieved with our projects
    Although I've moaned about the weather (only human) we've have been spared the terrible flooding and devastation that so many places have had. Love your three column template...have tried and miserably failed at doing it myself.

  2. I am hugely impressed with your DIY skills! Would love to see some more garden pics if/when you have time!

  3. Great looking blog!

    And you should have the happiest hens if their run is anything to go by. Happy hens = lots of egss!

  4. I love the new look of the blog, very nice indeed!!! Poor spot, its the pits having to work eh??!!! fingers crossed for dry weather and a long run/walk at the weekend:-)

  5. I too love your new blog look, the header is realy beautiful, you must let me know how you did it. Sorry to hear about the job, what a pain.
    I too would love a Buff Orpington mmmmm one of these days!!!

  6. Lovely new blog style. The chicken runs look great-I saw some fab hen houses at an animal show I went to. It just made me want to have chickens! I am not sure that our neighbours would approve, although someone down the road has pidgeons ....

  7. The all new chicken run looks a positive palace for your chickens! Definitely will need some others for company though! Trouble is, there's so many different types to choose from!
    I'm 4th in the queue in our house for HP, only DH to finish it then I can get MY paws on it! Can't wait!
    Love the new look blog too!

  8. Great new look - sorry to hear that work is grim - hope it gets sorted sooner rather than later.

    The Orpingtons are HUGE have you seen one in real life - so are the poos LOL

    I have a buff Orpington bantam and it is only half grown and will be bigger than the hybrids (Gingernut ranger types) that I used to have.

    Orpingtons are placid, dopey, clumsy cry babies - and I have always wanted one. :-)

  9. Loving the new look Noo - very bright and cheerful. More chooks eh? Not jealous, no, not at all ;) Good to hear the home grown stuff is going well, hope the job sorts itself out soon. Thinking of you hun *hugs*

  10. I tagged you! See my blog.

  11. Our three cluckies don't really get pongy, but if you have a static run (like us) it's best to put down some auboise or hemcore (absorbant wood chippings) which will soak up the poop and deter flies!

  12. Just found you via Libby's blog. You mentioned angles for her lighting problem which reminded me of my school days 20 years (nearly) before yours!

    I've read back as far as here but don't have time to go further back at the moment. I'll come back again though. Very impressive hen house - you must be delighted with your hard work. Hope the hens are, too, and that you get some more!



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