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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dog in the Dog-House

I was up early this morning - well before 7 :o ! Spot had a good play in the garden - we even played fetch for a while. Then I went to work........ and when I returned my sock blanket + three balls of yarn and the current "patch" were on the floor, spread around in a somewhat alarming fashion (I have to admit I did shout just a little!) Luckily it is knit in Opal sock yarn so is totally machine washable (in fact I think the opal washes up really nice and soft) and she didn't do any damage - obviously just wanted to spread it out and see how I was doing! My current square is in opal zebra, and she must have had a bit of a tussle with that as the outside of the ball of yarn is covered in hair, but amazingly not a single stitch is dropped off the needles - so I guess all that gun-dog training of not destroying stuff when she brings it to me must have paid off a little. Luckily that was a full ball as I haven't knit the socks yet (sorry Terri!!) so i can re-start the square using the middle of the ball and use the outside for socks for me. grrrrrr

In other animal news, the bloomin chicken house is covered in red-mite. They weren't there the other day - well not that I could see anyway - but today it is pretty infested. - The birds have been off the lay lately, but I also think they're moulting (although now I realise they could be loosing feathers due to scratching from the mites) so we'll have to see what the outcome is. The hen house has been thoroughly cleaned and Mr Noo is bringing a blowtorch with him tomorrow (- watch out Guildford!!) Hopefully it's been caught in time not to have caused them too much stress or illness...... Poultry shield and Diatom are also on their way for some weekend activity!

As you have probably seen, I've added a magictaxi search box to the top of my blog. This is the company that I have been working for........ it's one of those strange dilemmas:- I find it slightly immoral to build a business on the premise of giving 50% of your revenue to charity. Without the charities there would be no reason to use the search engine (or any of the other products), and consequently there would be no business (!) and the company is getting the other 50%., so the company is using other people (the charities) to sell their own product.......but, it is money to charity for something we all do all day, every day which is better than it going to no-one or google/yahoo/lycos etc etc etc...... so there you are, I've put it up there and I'll leave it to your conscience to decide whether to use it!!! You can also download a toolbar or add magictaxi to your search providers. All the info is at (some of it is on the magicaloffices link at the bottom of the page)


  1. Bugs and beasties in the chicken house never had them thankfully. Blow torching by Mr Noo, roast chicken this weekend then?
    If you come back tomorrow I will share the chicken and dog live happily together story.

  2. Definately the week for naughty doggies methinks!!! I came home from work yesterday to find my colinette cardi in terri's bed, obviously keeping her cosy, and minus one of the lovely wooden buttons which she had chewed up and spat out *roll* LOL little tinkers:-)

  3. Phew for the miraculously intact patchwork!

    Hope the chickens and their house are ok.

  4. Glad the patchwork didn't suffer too badly but sorry to hear about the chicken house :o( Thanks so much for dropping by on my Blogaversary post :o)

  5. Sorry, but had to giggle at naughty Spot - is she out of the dog house yet? Ooh, and chicken traumas! I hope you get it sorted and the girls start laying again soon.

  6. Get some Red Mite powder, put them to bed then when in bed cover them in powder, so they look white, they preen it in during the night! You cna just sprinkle it over them, lots of it though!

  7. Close call for Ms Spot there! Glad no real harm was done. Hope your chooks can be sorted out ok.

  8. You`ll have to show Spot how much you`ve knitted before you put it away to save her having to get it out and inspect it herself! Glad no harm was done - the mitred blankets are great though, mine is growing slowly, nice mindless knitting for tired brains.

  9. There's a lot to be said for hamsters......... ;)

    Your mitred blanket will be lovely. Spot obviously has good taste.


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