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Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally the Musckat cardi - Plus next on the agenda

Finally....................... I've posted this on the forum and on Ravelry, but not here.... so here it is:
DROPS 101-22, knitted in Muskat colour 09. Exactly as pattern!

Next I'm going to do this:-
Yet another DROPS pattern (they appeal to my blonde nature) This one is DROPS 70-17 and is knit in Karisma Superwash, which is a 100% superwash wool, which is so lovely and soft when it's been washed. I have a pair of slouch socks made in it, and I will actually find things to wash with them so that they get done quickly and i can get them back on! I'm going to modify this pattern a bit though as I'm looking for a "Sunday Cardi" if you know what I mean. I'm going to knit it all in one colour, which is cream (I think I should have chosen grey now, but it's bought and I'm sure I'll like it - and at least it won't show the dog hairs) I'm also going to make it a wee bit smaller. The smallest size has a chest of 41", and as I'm only 35" (if I breathe in really hard and puff it all out as best i can) 41" is going to be a bit too baggy, so I'm aiming for around 38 - 39"! I might also make it just a tiny bit longer, maybe just an inch or so! The yarn should be here on Thursday, so it'll be on the needles by next weekend ready for the two hours in front of the tv watching the F1 GP!


  1. The Muskat cardi is gorgeous!

    I know exactly what you mean by 'sunday cardi'! I think everyone should have one! (Remember to make it big enough to stretch over your knees when snuggling up!).

  2. The Muskat cardi looks great on, suits you really well. The new pattern looks lovely (and agree with Seahorse about needing it long enough to snuggle up in :)

  3. Anonymous7:41 pm

    love the new pattern, cream sounds good to me. Life should be one long weekend!!!!!!!!
    OBTW Muskat looks lovely on you

  4. The cardigan is gorgeous, I love the sheen of the yarn. Great colour too.

  5. muskat looks v pretty. good slouchy clothes are really useful so other cardi looks great. isn't it called 'the boyfriend cut' these days?!! ;-) xxx

  6. All this talk of baggy cardi's and now I quite fancy one too! Not sure if I have anything suiyabl in stash though LOL!!!!!

  7. Ahhh another piccie of the wooly without the head...for those of us who don't get to see you, where's the head? Is that really you? Miss the face!......p

  8. Love the cardi's. Just aven't bucked up the courage to knit something this big!!!!!

  9. Love that cardi. Haven't knitted for years! except the odd doll's clothes. Did you see the "hug" Libby made on her blog. Just the sort of thing my grand daughters are wearing at the moment. Enjoy your knitting :o)

  10. Muskat really suits you, both the shape and colour. Well done :)

  11. That is really pretty. The colour and sheen on the yarn look really well with the lacy pattern.

    Love the new project too - it looks just perfect for keeping you warm during chilly winter walks!

  12. Gorgeous cardi in the Muskat!


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