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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Squirrel.... my ar............FOOT!!!!!

Sorry people it wasn't a squirrel, it is indeed a SQUASH!

I have started a blanket for my sister's bump! I'm thinking it won't be finished until "bump" is about 18, but hey maybe I can start a new university craze!!! Because I'm lazy and don't want to sew in too many ends I'm knitting it in squares but picking up the stitches on the side of the just finished square to start the new one. It means that the sock yarn will be pooled across the blanket rather than individual squares, but assuming I do finish it before he/she is 18, he/she probably won't notice!!!!! It's just the right weather for this mindless kind of knitting, no thought, no concentration...... just keep going!

I'm also knitting a clapotis in some left over chenille - I don't know if I like it - bit like when I was knitting Sahara in it really, but it's something to do and it's easy knitting for this weather. I'm obviously in a blanket/throw/shawl/shrug mood!!!

Did anyone see the F1 GP today? I have to say that although I think Lewis Hamilton is the most amazing rookie driver we have seen - possibly ever...... I was a bit dismayed to hear the british media permanently going on about Alonso having held him up yesterday and what a bad sportsman Alonso is etc etc etc, when if you read the press conference with Ron Dennis, it was Lewis' blatent refusal to obey team orders in Q3 yesterday which caused the kerfuffle. I'm not saying Alonso was blameless - we don't know, and as the stewards penalised him there must have been good reason. BUT if Lewis had done as he was told the situation would not have arisen. I'm not saying whether what he did was right or wrong, he made a driver's decision. BUT I did get a bit sick of hearing about him being totally done wrong by.... when it was at least partly his own fault. Still he won the race and that was awesome. He is truly a talented driver and I hope that he will bring British Motor Racing back into the fore again!


  1. Love the Blanket....makes me want to get mine out and try to finish it!!!! Could that mean I will start to knit again????
    As for Alonso/Hamilton well no matter what my oppinion of Alonso I do NOT think the punishment warranted the crime. No they should have let Ross Braun sort it outwithin the team and not the Stewards

  2. the blanket is looking very smart, I'd have loved one like that at university, especially with the dodgy heating!!! Keep going with the clapotis, it is worth it in the end, I've worn mine loads ;)

  3. Well, bum! My squash are NOWHERE to be seen as yet and I fear it's rather too late now even if they do put on a late spurt! I shall have to live vicariously through you!

    The blanket is looking great!

  4. Look at the size of that squash!!!! Fabulous!
    The blanket looks lovely, somewhere else to send my leftover sock yarn;-)

  5. Ups I ment to say Ron Dennis!!! Seing Ross Braun is Ferrari!! DOH!!

  6. No its a squirrel egg!!!!

  7. My squash are invisible at the moment too! What DO you feed your garden with? :)
    I watched the Grand Prix, but I still don't know the full story.
    Congratulations by the way, on your blogging awards, they were well deserved.

  8. Your squash looks wonderful! Oooh, you've got all that lovely harvest to look forward to. And your blanket is looking great - I think Mason Dixon do a similar thing with knitting the squares together.

  9. The blanket looks lovely. I really should try to finish the one I'm crocheting.

  10. I was sorting through my wool stash!!! very bad idea!!! I really must stop buying from Yarnyard!!! lol!!

  11. What a wonderful squash! The blanket is looking fab too.

    I somehow think Lewis Hamilton is off Alonso's Christmas card list....! Honestly, they are both like a couple of six year olds.


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