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Saturday, August 11, 2007

To Clover….. Love Spot

Dear Clover,

“Hey friend, it’s been a while…. How are you? I’m fine, but Mum says I’m getting fat! I try to tell her that it’s ‘cos we’re not walking so much at the moment, but she keeps cutting down my food portions anyway. – I get my own back though, ‘cos I steal the plums off her tree when she isn’t looking.

Mum has this thing now that she calls a job. I can remember your Mum and mine talking about them a bit in the winter when we walked together (they think we don’t listen, but how else do they think I know when to run off and not get caught for a while…. I’m always listening and waiting for a bit where they seem to be concentrating on what they’re talking about more than what I’m up to – bet you do too)…….. Anyway, I don’t think this “job” thing can be much fun. Mum gets me up proper early these days – before 7am!!!! I mean,. it’s just not decent! I get half an hour in the garden while she puts some weird brown stuff on her face…. And half an hour isn’t nearly enough time to steal plums and chase the chickens. Then off she goes without so much as a whole bonio, and leaves me here on my own. (Mind you at least I get to go back to bed in peace) She gets back about 2, which I reckon is pretty good, but then she’s moaning about having to go to that big food place (No, not Petplanet, the one for humans), and cook dinner, and do the garden, and knit, and catch up with friends on forums and write blogs She says it’s good to have a job for a while cos we can afford some things that we need, but I don’t see a new bed in my area of the house, and I’ve been trying to tell her that what’s important is that we have time to have fun together. We can manage without new carpet, and if she has guests I’d always let them sleep on my bed, really I would. I think she’s getting the idea now though, .…… The thing is really it’s me that’s missing out, I haven’t been walked properly in ages. AND the other thing is she keeps moaning about it being too hot for me to walk ‘cos I run around too much. I try to make her understand that there’s that really big puddle on the big path there, that’s deep enough to go up to my shoulders if I lay down, and I do find that very cooling if I’m a bit hot, but she doesn’t seem to get what I’m saying. I’ve tried to show her quite a few times, but I just don’t think she really “gets it”, and in all honesty she seems to get a bit cross……. I’m only doing what she wants and cooling off? I’ve invited her in plenty of times, but she doesn’t seem to fancy it, can’t understand it myself!

It seems that it might all be back to normal soon though, ‘cos she said to Grandma this week that she had done a sign or something….. no that’s not right…….. a notice that was it. And that come the 25th of September it’ll all be back to normal. Well quite frankly I can’t wait, I mean I’m a working dog, I need to get out and run on these pins, and keep fit and slim, and chase rabbits, and sniff out all sorts. I just NEED to – You understand don’t you Clover? Mind you it isn’t the same walking in the summer time anyway, with all that Bracken all grown up, there aren’t nearly so many places to sniff out and rummage in….. but I’d have been cross and proper grumpy if the autumn and winter came and we didn’t get more walks, and I’d miss seeing you, cos we always catch up again then don’t we?

Guess what, The chickens are in a really big run now, and it’s so much fun. You can stand and watch them for a while, but if you jump up at the wire they get all flustered and try to fly – it’s such a laugh, ‘cos they’re really no good at it. Not like pheasants! I think that’s where I learnt the idea,............ I can remember Dad taking me out in the winter time and I had to make pheasants fly……I did enjoy that! I did try to “fetch” one of the chickens a couple of weeks ago, but Mum didn’t seem all that pleased. – Honestly there’s just no pleasing some people…….. If I don’t bring her the plums I pick she gets cross and if I do bring her the chickens she gets cross…… when they say “it’s a dog’s life” they’re not wrong!

How are your teeth now, are they better? Mum’s been brushing mine, but seriously it’s not fun! – She sticks this great big blue bristly thing in my mouth, with some foamy stuff on that’s supposed to taste of chicken, well that’s a laugh for a start, never smelt a chicken like that before I can tell you. I’ve told her I’ll let her do it if she let’s me sit and watch the chickens in their run at the same time. It seems a fair enough deal to me, and I’ve got away with it so far. I don’t know what the fuss is about though…… teeth brushing for a dog indeed, they’ll be wanting to put sun-block on us next and moisturiser!!

Well, Clover, I hope your Mum let’s you read this, cos it’s taken ages for me to write, my paws are a bit big for this keyboard and I made lots of mistakes.. I do hope we get to walk together again soon… when it’s cooler and Mum doesn’t have the “job” thing, and the bracken is dying back to we can scamper about and play chase.
Ooops almost forgot, Mum says can you tell your Mum, thanks for sponsoring her for that run she did. She was really excited to get the sponsor.. Personally I don't know why she made such a big deal out of it - you and I could do 5Km's before breakfast, but I just kept quiet and let her have her moment of glory!!!

Love Spot.


  1. Hi Spot, Hope you didn't mind me reading your letter to Clover. You wrote it so well even with your doggy paws. I'm sure you have been missing those walks and the fun but sometimes we humans have to do work things that keep us away from's the way we get the money to pay for Bonios and other treats. I bet your Mum can't wait to be able to take you out regularly again butshe must be so tired when she gets home. Give her a lick and let her tickle your belly so she knows that you understand. Then let her have a rest...who knows you may get a Bonio out of it!
    Woofs and love from
    Human Auntie Ruth

  2. Aww, spot, its a dogs life aint it girl!!!Mum leaves us when she goes to work too, maybe we should tell her about putting a notice up...... we're not alone much though, cos dad is here when mums at work, but he doesn't give as good cuddles, or let us on the settee like mum does:-( He lets us smell the sheep in mums special room though, mum won't let us in there but dad thinks its ok!!!! shes hiding a special sheep blanket for us, she thinks we don't know!!!!! we say all mums should stay home......where do we get that notice from?????
    Happy 25th september spot!!!

    love scooby and terri *woof woof*

  3. Hi Spot! This is Charlie who lives with Jacquie. I know what you mean about them not understanding about puddles. The park where we go where I can play with the other dogs off leash has this wonderful muddy puddle that is just the right size to get my tummy nice and cool, and it's just bliss to roll over in and get my back nice and cool too - but, boy, do they make a fuss.

  4. Dear, Spot. Sounds like your mum is really busy. I do sympathise with her not enjoying a trip to the big food place.

  5. Hope you didn't mind me reading your letter to Clover, Spot, but it was great to catch up with you. It sounds like things should be back to normal soon, and am pleased that peace will be restored in Spotland :)

  6. Hi Spot! I bet you are looking forward to proper long walks again and having a Mum who isn't too tired after work to have fun with you!

  7. Hi Spot
    Hope its ok to read your letter to Clover, felt like it might be private, but then I have seen some of the stuff that P&M put on this thing and thought it must be ok to share.
    I really enjoyed reading about your exploits and can understand your confusion with humans.
    I am allowed to chase the butcher birds cos they eat my food, but I am not allowed to chase the parrots or the finches or wrens, in fact it seems only the butcher birds are ok to hassle. Lucky they are black and white so I can tell the difference.
    I am not allowed to chase the wallabies either, though I have figured out that its ok if they try to get in the garden where P&M get food from.
    The best fun is chasing goannas, but I will admit they are a bit scary as they have pretty big claws. They also cheat by running up the trees.
    P&M have been looking at pictures of other houses and people have been here walking around, and that makes me worry a bit.
    P&M keep saying that this house will be no good for charlie so I know that they care, but the pictures thay look at don't seem to have wallabies or dingos or goannas, but the black and white birds will still be there I am told. Maybe they go with us. Its all a bit of a worry for me as I have lived here since I can remember and my sister lives up the hill.
    P&M did talk about lots of walks on the beach and I love that. I do trust them and they look after me. Though lately all has been a bit strange as P has been sitting down a lot and has a stich he leans on when shuffling around. He doesn't go for walks either which is very odd. Things are changing, and they talk of a new adventure.
    I hope that your mum does the notice thingy and your life can get back to normal...
    Good you have chickens...I only chased them once and they were not here so got into a lot of trouble over that one.
    Oh well it seems that P wants to do some work, so I can curl up at his feet, I like that, and am glad that he is getting back to normal.
    Will look forward to more tales from Spot.
    Love Charley

  8. noo you are bonkers. funny and v well done, but bonkers.... xxxx ;-)

  9. Hello Spot! That sounds like very good news that Mummy has written a notice and will be spending more time with you! Money and nice things are all very well and sometimes we have to just get on and do the dastardly deeds to get them but you obviously know it's luuurve that matters most!

  10. oh im love my walks too!
    its hot here and colleeni stays away for most of the day and doesn't return till nearly supper time.
    i try to wait patiently while she gets a bite... but sometimes i wiggle and jump and bark!

    once we do get out, colleeni and i take a turn around the neighborhood and then we go to the pond.

    it smells delicious, like dead leaves and muck. there is a fantastic green slime near the edges under the trees. now and then i find a frog or two there.
    since i'm only a year old, i've just learned to swim this summer. i do so like to swim! a few weeks ago i could go in by myself, colleeni had a long, long leash. but after i chewed it into three pieces, we use the short leash now. colleeni doesn't like the wet or the scum.

    so here's hoping your mum's notice comes soon and the weather here cools enuf to stay out longer!

  11. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Hello Spot
    I'm pretty fed up too, my Mum and Dad have been knocking and banging upstairs for weeks. Something to do with bathrooms!!!! why can't they just have an all over lick like i do. They make so much noise my head aches and then they tell me off for squeeking or groaning. As you well know I don't like getting muddy, up to my knees in a cool stream on a hot day suits me just fine, a little paddle and a nice cool drink. Glad your Mum has written that note though cos you must be real lonely, of course, as your non breed sister I could keep you company but I understand I am a bit over the top for you. Anyway I think peace will rain in both our homes soon and all will be back to normal!!! whatever that is.
    Oh yes forgot to tell you they have been putting some seaweedy powder stuff on my dinner to clean my teeth, nobody gets near me with a toothbrush and foamy chicken flavoured anything I only want the real thing. You aren't going all soft on me are you.
    See you soon, love Bonnie

  12. Its catching!!!!!! Lottie can hear her chickens, and now you can understand dogs???? Dr DoLittle here you all come!!!lol!!!

  13. Hi Spot
    I am dictating this to my Mum as my Paws are simply to big for her laptop. I can understand what your saying but do spare a thought for us 'propper' housedogs. I am a pretty big Dog and strong to strong for my Mum so I always have to wait for my Dad to come home and walk me which is pretty late in the day. I am not allowed to chase anything because if I run to much my hips get sore and i can't move so I stay onm the lead most of the time. But my Dad is a big softy and sometimes lets me of but only when he is sure there is nothing about I can get excited with. I understand all about the job thing..not so nice for us but our Humans do have to earn money although I don't quiet understand all of that. But hey as long as we are loved we are okay. And from what you say things will soon return to normal in your house. Patience my dear.....
    Pawhugs Kaiser

  14. Noo is this a dowsizing type thing, to give you more time for chickens, veg and things?


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