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Monday, September 24, 2007

Back but still slow

After a week and two days - I finally have a phone connection again. It's weird having no phone...... although I hardly ever use it, it's a very isolated feeling to realise that it's not there if you want it!

Anyway the phone is working again as of 14:30 today! and the internet..... as you can see..... is connected too. it's still pretty slow though. So, I have 226 blog posts to read (my, you lot do chat a lot don't you) and I haven't even logged on to the crafty threads forum yet because I know there'll be loads to read and I think I need to wait until my connection is back up to full speed otherwise I may end up throwing the laptop out of the window in frustration. But I'll be back there soon girls - honest. Trouble is if I log on and don't get to spend enough time there then all the posts are marked as read and I won't know what's new..... so I'm biding my time!

Everything here is good! Work finished last Thursday so I'm just trying to get myself into my old routine again....... walks at 11am, supermarket on Tuesday mornings......... It seems so long since I've done it that way! My sister and her (soon to be augmented) family have also just moved back down south and are living only about 4 miles up the road from me, so it's lovely to have my free time back again to be able to sponaneously suggest...........!! DNphw and I had a picnic together last week whilst everyone else was moving in..... we definitely got the best part of the deal! :)

The new chickens are in the big run with their older counterparts, and much as I thought it would be the old biddies who were boss...... I was wrong. The young ones are certainly in charge and bordering on what would be called bullying. The older two are moulting badly and probably not feeling up to putting up much of a fight at the moment. I'm sure things will even out a bit when they're feeling more themselves. No eggs from any of them yet, but at least now I know they're worth waiting for.

Piccies of knitting updates soon. Oooh and I'm sorry to all you Golden Fleece readers. Normal service will resume soon - honest!


  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Welcome back to blogland and virtual normality.
    At least now you will have time to catch up!!

  2. It's really lovely to seee you back! I missed the 'chooks' and 'puppies' roo :) I hope it gets better from now on. :)

  3. Great to have you back! And I'm so jealous you've finished work!

    Glad the chickens are working things out amongst themselves!

  4. Hiya! So glad you are enjoying your freedom again.I hope the computer speeds up soon, it will take you a while to catch up !

  5. How lovely to see you back again :-)

  6. Lovely to have you back again Noo. I've missed you (and the Golden Fleece tales). Glad to hear that all is back to normal, and hope peace reigns soon with the chooks.

  7. Glad to have you back in the world of the 'net'.

  8. I've given up on trying to catch up! and as I'm going to be "without computer" for a few days I know I'll be horrified to see how many posts I've missed! Glad you're enjoying you new "work free" independence :o)


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