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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ally Pally

Well here is some of my haul from Thursday at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace.

The yarn is cherry tree hill merino, in Blueberry Hill, and it's to make a huge shawl/throw/tablecloth/thing in the one skein book which I also got. I also got the three newest Drops brochures which show proper pictures of their patterns. It's fabulous to be able to get free patterns on the Internet but is so worthwhile getting these brochures to properly show you what you're going to be knitting!!!! There were a couple of other little bits and pieces but they're for a secret Santa swap so I can't show them just in case!!

I had a fabulous day at Ally Pally. I met up with my Mum, and also Aknita, Franney and Jobo from the forum. It is so cool to meet people that you have been chatting in forums with, my forum friends are really important to me, I love 'em all, and so finally meet them "in the flesh" is really lovely. It's amazing how well you realise you know them, although we would never have recognised each other if we hadn't arranged to meet - how weird is that? You all made the day very special, thank you.

In other news..... well the new chickens have settled in just fine. Both are laying every day, which is great, and they seem happy and healthy. they are the funniest two creatures I have ever seen though. Such strong characters. Dorothy is soooooo greedy and the minute you open the big door to the run she tries to run between your legs to get out into the garden and eat grass. if you take a pot of corn - or indeed anything - in with you she jumps up and down like a demented jack-in-the-box trying to get to what's in it before the others. She also checks out your coat, jeans, shoes, (or in the case of sandal wearing - your toes) just in case any of it has become edible since she last checked. I will try hard to get a video of her before long because she is just so funny. Primrose is only a tad more refined! - basically the same character as Dorothy, but a little more genteel in her approach. (i.e. she doesn't peck your toes) So I now have to banish Spot to inside whilst dealing with the chickens, because chickens making a break for culinary freedom, make for a dog doing likewise, but with something else on the menu!!! and Noo invariably in a heap on the floor!!!! (stop laughing, I can hear you you know!!)

The sock yarn blanket is coming along beautifully and I am loving making it. So much so that my cardi has taken a back seat, despite the fact that I desperately need it because I had more than my fair share of felting accidents last year! I'll try to take a photo of the blanket soon, but it's getting hard as it's too big now to easily fit in!

So that's about us all caught up for a couple of days. Have a good weekend.


  1. I am glad you had a good time at ally pally. The yarn looks lovely. Nice to hear about the chickens too!

  2. That yarn looks lovely. I have to laugh though, at the idea of a blanket in a 'One Skein' book... first, find the biggest skein possible!

  3. Your Ally pally haul is gorgoeus!!! Joy and I are already planning how I can get there next year, I can't miss out AGAIN:-) I've been wanting to have a proper go at lace for over a year now, but yet to decide on something which I will actally use.......I'm not really a process knitter, I like to use what I have at the end rather than just knit for the experience! Looking forward to seeing the CTH kntted up!
    I remember having chickens when I was small, I used to spend all available opportunity stroking them and sitting them on my knee LOL!!!!

  4. I love the colour you chose!! Beautiful.........

  5. It was lovely to meet you too. I met your mum again as we got off the shuttle coach at Wood Green, and shared the tube with her to Kings Cross, which was lovely.

    I love your CTH - that was one of my favourite places I think.

    terri and I are enjoying plotting in readiness for next year!

    And I have apologised to my other friend Claire!

  6. Ally Pally sounds great! The CTH is a stunning colour.

    Glad the chooks are back laying. You must teach Spot to pick them up for you that way if they break for freedom, Spot can be the chickendog :)

  7. I love the colours in that yarn! Had a giggle at the chicken and Spot antics. With the good weather forecast I'm sure you'll be walking him and seeing those Autumnal colours...but wrap up warm :o)


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