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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn Days...

Aren't they just the best. Glorious sunshine, fabulous colours, not too hot to do things, a tiny bit of frost on the ground, wrapping up warm, coming in to hot drinks and soups, amazing earthy smell everywhere, bonfires....................... ahhhhhh ...... t'is my favourite time of the year.

And here is Spot to prove it's hers too!

I ordered my first ever organic veg box today, from Riverford . I'm really pleased with the contents, and will probably continue to do it every week, although may change from the mini box, which this was (£7.50) to the potato free winter box which I think is £9.75, but not available until 5th November. It's a tad more expensive than the supermarket, but it's all organic, and it could save me a supermarket trip once or twice a month, as I often only go to get veggies...... I always have meat and fish in the freezer, so it could end up saving me meoney in the long run!

As promised here is an updated piccie of the blanket..... My sister has gone to hospital today for a "gentle induction" (can there be such a thing? - the whole process doesn't sound very gentle to me at all - she says sitting with her legs crossed!!). So hopefully the next post will be some exciting news!

I am still loving knitting it, although have realised it needs to be at least twice as long as it is now!!! - but I've just downloaded the Magician's Nephew (read by Kenneth Brannagh) and the Horse and His Boy (read by Alex Jennings) as audiobooks, as I didn't get around to my usual summer read of the Narnia Chronicles, so it is all working out rather well!.

Hope you are all getting this wonderful sun too!


  1. I love the energy that spaniels have! The blanket is gorgeous and such a great idea for all those bits of yarn. Autumn is my favourite time of year too!

  2. I love autumn too, my favourite time of year - went leaf crunching today :) Nice looking veggies there too.

    I hope your sister is OK. And the sock blanket is looking wonderful!

  3. Love the Spot videos, and I couldn't agree more about autumn!

    I get a weekly veg box which is about that price and although it does seem fairly expensive for a load of veg, I am convinced that it has saved us money. We don't pop to the shops or get emergency takeaways nearly so often.

  4. Love the blanket too! Have thought about getting a veg box for quite awhile now, must think again!

  5. Brilliant vids!

    I hope you've heard good news from your Sis by now!

  6. What a wonderfully waggy tail Spot has :-)

    Your blanket looks fabulous and the veggies llok good enough to eat.

    I do hope your sister is going on ok. I was induced first time round and I didn't like it one little bit!

  7. Forgot to say I love Autumn too - it's my favourite season.

  8. Well done at least she lets the weight go pretty near your feet only one of ours does this the other drops it about three metres away before walking in.


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