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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Game Pie

As much as I love to share recipes with you all, this is as much for my benefit as yours!! - I bought a wonderful game pie mix on the farmers market, being sure that I had a recipe at home. When it came to the deed this week, the game pies I had recipes for were more of the cold - pork pie- style, and not what I had in mind at all..... So, I made one up! and I have to say it turned out pretty well. So here, posted in immortality, is my made up game pie recipe!

Game Pie Meat Mix
1 large tumbler med dry quite strong cider (prob about 250ml)
1/2 mug porcini mushroom stock
1 teaspoon (level) grainy mustard
2 bay leaves
fresh thyme
2 cloves garlic
small amount dry mixed herbs
salt and pepper
1 tsp bisto powder to thicken gravy if needed
2 large squirts of honey (prob 2 tblspoons)
Carrots/onions/ whatever

Roll meat in some plain flour, and fry with onion and garlic. When meat browned, put into large casserole dish and add all the other ingredients (excpet bisto powder which is only used at the end if the gravy needs thickening) Cook slowly for a couple of hours. Served with mash and greens. mmmmmm!!!


  1. Thanks for this Noo! I love Game Pie. I also love Rabbit Pie but MrP wont eat it *sigh*

  2. Oh this sounds fabulous I will try it for sure!!!

    Congrats on the new nephew!! :)

  3. Proper hearty food there!

    I saw a tip recently for thickening stews that I quite like. If you don't want or can't use gravy powder use dehydrated mashed potato flakes instead. There is some called Mr Mash that is just potato with no additives.

  4. Oooh, that sounds FABULOUS!

  5. yummy - this one I must try.

    Love reading your blog - I should say so more often!

    but just to let you know that I do visit - but get little time to comment.


  6. Anonymous10:48 am

    When I was little, I used to love rabbit pie, mum would make it at least twice a month either in a pie or stew...that was until I acquired my own little fluffy friend and it's not quite been the same since! I do however have a bit of a taste for venison and pheasant, so this recipe will be stored for future use, thanks for sharing.

  7. That pie sounds yummy. Hope the new babe & Mum are doing well. Your sock-yarn blankie is looking fabulous.

  8. Yummy! You've made me hungry now....:o)

  9. OOO I say that sounds scrummy!


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