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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gotta larff!

Finished the body of my Sunday Cardi last night - for the second time. I had already finished it mid-week, only to realise that the two fronts were completely different lengths from the armhole to the shoulder *rolls eyes* - memo to self:- don't drink a full can of cider before measuring your knitting!


  1. I,d cry! Good on you for laughing! Have another cider!

  2. Oh Noo! That did make me giggle but am still feeling your pain. Hope you get it sorted OK and agree with Queen of the Froggers, more cider is needed methinks. :)

    PS: I've just been reading about cider making and would love to have a go but a) I have no apple trees and b) hardly drink anything so would probably be legless after half a glass of homemade scrumpy! :)

  3. ROTFL, sorry but that made me laugh! At least it was only above the armholes & one one to be frogged, so not too painful I hope! Mark the side of the next can - "measure here" half way up the can !!!

  4. Oh my!!! Lol! I know the feeling I still can't work out why Odile back and front won't match....and I haven't even been drinking anything stronger then Tea

  5. Anonymous9:49 am

    oh dear all been there!! you could have just walked slightly lop sided.

  6. Ooops! Glad you got it sorted anyway!

  7. Oh dear!!!!! I'm glad I'm not alone!


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