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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pink for October

Reminded by other blogging friends, I have turn my blog PinkforOctober........ it's not the best ever paint job (but then as my family know I can be a bit of a "botch it" merchant in these circumstances)

But the idea is it's PINK! - and it reminds each and every one of my friends to check those jubblies and be aware...... Go on do it now - I mean no-one can see you can they????? - What, You're in the office????? - Oh well just get everyone else to join in too!!!!

(Ok then, but promise to do it when you get home eh?)

(Pink badge in the header courtesy of KimWest from the pinkforoctober site)


  1. I think the pink looks wonderful:-)
    I'm wondering if I can get dh to change my background to pink ribbons......... if I can drag him away from halo 3 that is!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Pinktastic - I love it! I did the checking thing today :)

  4. Anonymous9:47 am

    this is the kind of enabling that really makes sense, good for you.

  5. Love the pink...the catering students were selling Pink iced buns at college to raise money. They were delicious and it was nice to know I was consuming calories for a good cause :o)


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