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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The frost didn't last!

Well all that beautiful frost and sun from last week turned into never-ending rain! - Finally today it has stopped (for a while anyway) and the sun is peeking out form behind clouds. The garden is soggy, and the chickens are fed up!

Talking of the chickens - do you remember me saying about a few bullying problems? - Well we put 2 new perches in their run, up at around 5ft. They can get to them in stages by flying up to the roof of their nestboxes, and it seems to have done the trick. The older 2 Welsummers love being up there, and the youngsters do go up every now and again, but there seems to be a pre-agreed "no fighting on the perches" rule! So harmony is restored.

Saturday in Swindon was just the best fun! - It was so great to meet friends and chat and laugh and knit! Everyone had taken knitting and we sat in a big circle knitting and talking. Franney had not only brought knitting, but apparently everything bar the kitchen sink........ she did a proper "show n tell", which was pretty cool it must be said!! There was a bit of spindle spinning, and some charity raising (in the form of an auction and a raffle), a fabulous lunch cooked by Grannysmith, and a surprise visit via video link of one of our illustrious forum leaders - Jacquie, who joined us for afternoon tea and cake (or in Utah, where she is, an early morning cuppa!). It was really such a great day and heartfelt thanks goes to Grannysmith for organising it.

Well that's about it for now. I'm afraid it's all going to get a little bit quiet here now for a while. Christmas needs sorting out (snuck up on me a bit!) and I have another part time job (much better this time - working for people I have known for a long time who know how I work and are happy for me to pick and choose my hours and work at home :) ) Hope you're all better organised than I am! x


  1. Glad peace is restored with the chooks :) Swindon sounded like a great time. Shall miss you on the blog, but I'm having the same problem - very busy and a lot of my crafting is for Christmas gifts so I cant really post about it on the blog.

  2. Glad you where able to sort out the chicken problem. I only live a short way from Swindon. I really must find a knitting group to join round here!!

  3. i know i have an excuse but i'm extremely disorganised too! went to get C an advent calendar today and was horrified that smiths had run out!! it's closer than i thought! sis xxx

  4. It sounds like Swindon was great, I wish I could have got there to join you all:-(
    Christmas has snuck up on me too, and hardly any christmas done chez Terri *roll*, I never learn really do I........!
    don't stay awol too long ;-)

  5. It's aleady THAT time of year again???!!! OMG!!! I wasn't even aware...well christmas will just have to wait till Im good and ready!!
    Swindon sounds like everyone had a great time. And i am glad you sorted the Chicken coupe!!


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