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Friday, December 14, 2007

Deer !

Would you believe it!! - in the absence of any photo-able knitting/crafting. I went for a walk last week and saw 5 deer.... They were beautiful. So every day since I have taken my camera to take photos so I can at least show you something. Not a one, not even a "Butt shot" nada, nothing. Little monkeys!!!!! Bet now I've told you this and won't be taking my camera out they'll be there on Monday, in the middle of the flat bit!


  1. Everyday my favourite red browed finches come to the water bowl for a bath and peruse the remains of the seed after the parrots have been, every time I want to take a picture to show the world how beautiful these creatures are, but if I move I will disturb them, if I get the camera the dog (who thinks that thunderstorms and lightning live inside) will go I enjoy selfishly this gift that only I glimpse.....

  2. They are elusive creatures those deer, and quite camera shy :) Lucky you to see them so clearly during the day though.


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