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Saturday, December 15, 2007

How much would you have paid?

OK so not many of you know (particularly as I bang on about jazz all the time) that I am and always have been, a rock chick. The first gig I ever went to with Mum & Dad and sis was the A.R.M.S. concert in 1983, and from there I went to frequent Eric Claptons residencies at the Albert Hall - in 1991 managing to see all 4 versions of his concert. I studied for my A levels to the soundtrack of The Song Remains The Same........

So what would i have given to seen this???

(Turn your speakers down A LOT if you're going to have listen - it's really loud!

Well not £83,000, but I would have loved to have been there! Robert Plant's voice sounds just incredible.


  1. Amazing!! Bloody Amazing!! And just incase your not sure what I mean!! AMAZING!!!!

  2. Ooooh, I would have paid that if I was veeeerrry rich!

  3. Ahhh so many memories...litle Jimmy Page with black horn rimmed glasses...playing my brother Led Zep 1 years later as I recorded the album on reel to reel before leaving for Oz...time flies.....

  4. We were talking about this the other day and decided that it wouldn't be a total surprise if a tour with a whole load of dates was announced next year! ;)

  5. we saw friends on sunday and he went to this concert!!!!!! i nearly threw my fork at him ;-) sooooo jealous!

  6. Anonymous10:11 am

    I even thought about writing to Jimmy and reminding him who taught him his first cords. Love Robert Plant that voice still does it for me. Oh yes, would have loved to have been there. Let's hope for a tour.


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