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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I made dishcloths

. . . . we had a swap on the Crafty threads 'n' yarns forum for dishcloths! - I made these over the weekend and posted them yesterday. We also had to send a clue as to our identity, which is what the card is for - not that it was too difficult to guess!!!!

We're off into the great unknown for a couple of days, so don't miss us too much, and we'll be back at the weekend!!!

(Short message to parents after your visit today:- you will be pleased to know that having doused the dog in bicarb of soda and given her a darn good rub, she smells a lot more approachable now!!!!!)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I did quite well !!!!!

OK well when I say I did well, I didn't exactly do what I had planned!!!!

When I went outside the sun was shining brilliantly in the back garden - but not in the front!!! - So, quick as I am to find an excuse (!), I settled in to sorting out my old veggie plot!



It's probably about 2 metres long, so it was quite a lot of work - and it had become a dumping ground for every bit of rubbish that got left around! - I had planned to have a bonfire on several occassions, but never got round to it (in true Auntie Noo style I'm afraid!)

Anyway, I cleared the rubbish (well moved it!) and loosely dug over the plot - There's no reason to do it too well at the moment, as I'm not sure that I will grow veggies up there again anyway - it's the far end of the garden, and that's not always practical! (Especially when coupled with a lazy person!)

Some of the smaller bits of twig and debris went onto my fire pit, for a warming evening blaze!!! - It smouldered until around 7pm, and was lovely!! - I had heavily pruned a rather over-zealous rosemary bush, so there was plenty of sweet smelling smoke as the evening drew on!

It's a start anyway!!!

I'd just like to welcome 2 new readers - Libby and Allotment Lady, who I think found me via the amazing Ruth's blog I am really chuffed to have you both here, and your timing has been perfect as you are both chicken owners, and I should be getting mine in around 2 - 3 weeks time! So I will be checking your posts on chickens for tips, pitfalls, and humourous stories!!!! (many of which I have found already!). I am also thinking that between the three of you, you will keep me inspired to keep my garden in a much better state this year. I am afraid it took a bit of a nose-dive when I acquired a certain springer spaniel!!!! - but she will have to learn that veggies are for Mummy to eat and not for her to use as rough obstacles to make her garden racing circuit a bit more fun!!!!