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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well here they are!

I think this one will be Big Bea!! - although I haven't fully decided yet - She is a little bigger than the other, and has a gammy toe!!!! (actually the only way I can really tell them apart!) I think I may call the other one Molly!

And here is their new home!!! They seem to be very pleased to have a bit of grass to peck on - don't think that novelty will wear off for a while!!! They are nicely tucked up in bed now!

They have settled in quite well already, despite the fact that Spot seems to think that trying to herd them around the run is fun!! (she is slowly learning that it isn't, with the aid of a water bottle!!!!!) But I don't think I'm going to ever be able to free range them with her around!

In other news, I made a card this week for a relative's birthday :-

This is only the third style of card I have made, so I am still very much playing and learning, but I enjoyed it!

I also bought a blender and this book this week......... go on click the link - and I double dare you not to buy the book!!!!!!! hahahahaha

Well that's about you caught up I think! - I now need to prise Spot away from the Kitchen door, as she seems to think that if she lies there and looks lovingly out of the doors, maybe the chooks will wake up and play!!

Friday, February 09, 2007


OK tomorrow is D - Day

I have a little hay, a lot of straw, a bin to keep it all in

Some Feed, Some treats, some apple cider vinegar, some grit, and a pink tray

The latest additions to Noo's House arrive tomorrow! - I'm excited!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bad Girl!!! / Good Girl !!

Well it seems to have been a busy week - but I don't seem to have achieved anything at all!! - Is it just me or do we all do that???

So I'm not going to blog about it all tonight because my dinner's nearly ready!!. . . . But I do want to tell you about Race for Life which raises money for Cancer Research UK

I have entered the RaceforLife at Stoke Park on June 9th. It is a 5km circuit, which can be run/walked/crawled etc! and I am really hoping to run at least half of it! (I can't run to the bus stop at the moment!!) If you'd like to sponsor me (and please know that there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever!) then my race page is here. Or better still, why not join your local race and raise some money yourself?? -
Go on. . .
you can go slowly. . . . .
and no-one will be watching (!). . . . .
and it's for a great cause. . . . . .
and you can get fitter getting ready. . . . .
they have a training guide. . . . .
your DH/DP/OH will cook for you that night (really!) and if not he will take you out to dinner!! (tell him I said so!). . . . .
you can eat cakes/chocolate without feeling guilty 'cos you will have worked them off. . . . . . .
Have I convinced you?????

You know you want to!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

We're back

Well we had a fabulous time in the Forest of Dean! We walked, walked and walked some more! so photos are few and far between as they got a little bit "samey" !!!!! We walked mostly around Symmonds Yat, which apparently is a great viewing spot for Peregrine Falcons - it seems they were away for a few days too!!!!!!

The whole area is really beautiful (although to be truthful I would have to say I prefer the New Forest) Unfortunately many of the attractions and places to visit were closed as we were way out of season, so there were plenty of things we didn't see!!! But it was amazing to have some time together and have plenty of rest and fresh air - did us both the power of good!

We did drive into the Brecon Beacons for an afternoon too, via Ross-on-Wye, Monmouth and Abergavenny. It was strange seeing all these places in real life - one of my favourite books is The Lady of Hay, and all the names are so familiar!

So that's it back to normality for a while now (well as normal as I ever get anyway!). A little message for any dog owners who haven't found the virtues of bicrabonate of soda - YES, it works!!! - Bicarb absorbs smells on contact, so it useful for all those little smelly cleaning jobs - great to have a tub in your fridge or to dust in the bottom of your bin (especially your compost collecting bin). But best of all, sprinkle liberally on your loved one.* Give them a good old fashioned hug and rub! and then let them outside to shake it all off!!!- I always do it over a carpet inside, in the vague hope that two items will be cleaned at once. Then just have a good hoover up afterwards! - Works a treat!

*Loved one being pet, not husband - although I guess it would work!! :lol: