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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Culprit!!!

Thought he'd be bigger the amount he's eating out of the greenhouse!!!! - But maybe he's feeding a family of 257!!!!!! - Brazen little thing! - I was sitting not 3 ft away knitting, having spent this morning cutting the grass. Thought I could hear a little rustling, and lo and behold a visitor! - Spot didn't even notice!!!! - I came in and got my camera, and still he was there, checking out the new grass cutting to see if he could find any tit bits! - Still might keep him out the greenhouse for a night or two!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Busy, Busy

Well, where to start????

The Easter weekend was very special as my sister and nephew were here Saturday night and Sunday. It was so good to have them here as I hadn't seen them since Christmas. On Sunday morning MrC and I got up to watch the Fast Cars (Yay! my 3 year old nephew is a petrol-head!!!) His parting shot to Mummy was "NO, YOU STAY IN BED AND REST!" He did really well not getting bored to be honest! - I taught him that the Ferrari's were the red ones, (although not my favourite team they do have the advantage of being easily recognisable!) and he decided he wanted the Ferrari to win (fair enough!) He also heard the commentators saying the name Hamilton a few times (really??? there's a surprise!!!) so we had to try to learn which was he was too and remember that he was driving a McLaren!!!!! After the race we fed the chickens, had a biscuit, brushed Spot-Dog, fed the chickens, went for a walk, fed the chickens, had lunch, fed the chickens, played the piano, had a snooze, fed the chickens, played with play-doh, and fed the chickens!!!! - Chickens were also very obliging and laid us an egg for Lunch!!!!

Mum and Dad came over later in the afternoon, bringing supplies with them (!) and we had Sunday dinner all together which was lovely. It was lovely to see my nephew interacting with the pets too. This is the first time he has seen the chickens so that was great, and he loved them...... but also the first time he has really been big enough and brave enough to stroke and cuddle Spot in his own right! - I did catch a really touching scene at the chicken coop in the afternoon of MrC with his arms around Spotley's neck, and Spot just standing stock still (eyeing up the chickens it must be said!) but it was a lovely scene and one that brought a lump to my throat!!!!

So, since then I have put the finishing touches to my first veggie bed (with the help of Mr Noo!). Here it is in all it's glory:-

It's planted up already with onions, carrots, cabbage and leeks, and there's space for purple broccoli

Things are kicking off in the greenhouse too: -

The sweetcorn is going great guns - and the sunflowers next to it (the tops of each and every one having been chewed by mice!!!!)

The Rocket & spinach on the left is now big enough to pop in a sandwich (brie and fresh picked salad on homemade bread - you can't beat it!)

And the cabbages are coming up although they have also suffered at the teeth of the mice!

Finally the runner beans showed for the first time yesterday. The mice got one, but I've salvaged the rest, and am now covering up all the seedlings at night with netting so hopefully (!) everything will now survive!

I did also have peas and sweetpeas, but the mice have dug all of those up, so I'll have to do them again!

So there you have it, you're all caught up again! - Doesn't take long does it!? I really, really, must do some work for the rest of this week, especially as the new tax year is upon us so there are an inordinate amount of forms to fill and numbers to add up (and get wrong, and add up again, etc etc etc!!) So I doubt you will hear from me again until the weekend. Have fun all!

Monday, April 09, 2007

With thanks to Ruth and Mick

I started reading 3 of Ruth's blogs at the end of last year. Me, My Life, My Garden is a blog about Ruth and Mick's garden, Ruth's Shoots which is a blog of gardening tips and There are a Million Stories in the Naked City which is a "no holds barred" blog/diary of Ruth's life as a wife, carer, mother and grandmother through Mick's illness.

I believe the greatest gift I can give to you and Mick this weekend, Ruth, is a photo of a greenhouse, which you have inspired me to fill with seedlings of flowers and veggies.

You are an inspiration to me, and I only hope and pray that I can tackle life with a fraction of your humour, strength, energy and love. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

If anyone wants to support Ruth through this weekend, take a look at her Easter Egg Hunt....... there are only 4 days left, but you can join in any time. Ruth is one of three contributers to the hunt..... but there are also recipes, jokes, and Easter fun and frolics. The reason they are doing it is that they hope you will have so much fun there that you will donate just £2 for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre..... just £2 - better for the waistline than a chocolate egg and cheaper too!