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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The garden's all go...

There are a thousand reasons why this bed shouldn't work! - I've only just made it! - The straw is pretty newly out of the chicken coop, so may be too strong, and the plants have all gone beserk in the greenhouse. So, I've had to plant them all out this weekend, as next weekend I'm away for a couple of days - and there is no way they would survive a hot day in the greenhouse, let alone a few days! The runner beans have gone mad - they are supposed to be climbing up the corn, but they outgrew that within the first week, (think I planted the seeds in the wrong order then???? :lol: ) so I've put a couple of canes up for the larger ones and paired the smallest beans with the largest corn plants so maybe if the corn gets a hurry on.........
The Onions have started in the big bed, and there are signs of other seeds, but as yet I'm not sure if they're weeds or veggies !! I have put in two courgette plants at the back there, and had to put my asparagus in here, which isn't what I wanted at all, but have no where else for it, so I will work around it somehow. I have also put a couple of sunflowers round the edge of the bed - just cos I love 'em!
I'm thinking Mr Noo did tell me I wouldn't have enough space, but I must ensure in future that he makes sure I actually listen when he's telling me something important!!!! - I still have purple broccoli and cabbages in the greenhouse. I'll fit them in somewhere!

Should my strawberry be flowering already - I have loads??

Finally for all you Spot fans....... this is she. As you can see, even after 3 months she still can't keep her eyes off the chooks and can you see her quivering with hungry desire...... at least on this vid she does turn her head - often her nose is pressed against the mesh and the only part of her that moves is her eyeballs as she follows them up and down... she is funny!

Blog-a-long April 2007, Three Wishes

I really don't think I can do this...... three wishes........ that there were no genetic terminal illnesses (in other words that children wouldn't be born with a terminal illness before they've even had a chance to live), that everyone who wanted a child could have one, that everyone always gets to say goodbye to the ones they love...... the list could be endless.....

But it's not going to happen, and at the risk of being an almighty spoilsport, it just makes me maudlin to think of it.

You can't change what life is, so I just have one wish, that everyone makes the best of every day. That someone somewhere will make each one of you smile every day, and that smile will come from your heart and warm your soul.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Friends again...

Well you can't stay cross with something this cute can you???
And she even let me brush her teeth!

Yesterday we had lots of cuddles whilst laying out in the sun together - I was reading the 6th Harry Potter book (in readiness for the new one because I couldn't remember what happened) and Spot was dreaming of chicken casserole. When I came in (some 4 hours later) I had lovely sunburnt arms and a t-shirt mark!! - Who'd have thought it was the middle of April, it's normally snowing! It must be said that I am still a little sore and bruised from the tumble (had to laugh at the comments - Yes Jacquie I'm really pleased no-one saw, which was undoubtedly my main concern...... and Terri, tripping over a Spaniel is one thing.. tripping over a Great Dane would be a whole different ball game!), but hope to be supple enough by tomorrow to carry on with the training, as I'm finding it hard to get past 10 minutes, and think if I miss a couple more days I'll end up going backwards!

In the greenhouse things are also aware of the warm weather. The runner beans and sweetcorn are both really growing well and will really have to be put outside soon as they're too big for their pots already. I know we may yet have some frost, but if we do, then I'll just have to start more - I've got plenty of seeds, so it won't be too much of a catastrophe.

The chickens are generally laying an egg each a day, with the odd day off for resting! So all is well in that part of my garden too.

A question for any gardeners out there - Does anyone know of a way to erradicate ants? They have nested in the middle of my new raised veg plot (grr) so I don't want to use powder or chemicals..... anyone got any bright ideas, 'cos last year I lost most of my runner beans to the little blighters (they don't half eat a lot!!)

Well have a lovely Sunday all....