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Monday, April 30, 2007

The runaway chicken and other stories.....

Well it's been fun and games here!!

Last week Mr Noo and I let the chickens free range for a while whilst we moved the coop. It was Thursday and it was raining (it only lasted for about 20 mins, but these were the 20 minutes we chose to move the coop) All was well until (very slightly bedraggled and really wanting to get in for a cup of tea) we tried to tease the chooks back home. Molly bounded in as a result of a handful of corn being thrown in that general direction.... but Bea was a bit more sceptical and decided to hang on to her freedom whilst she had it! - It was raining hard by now! Unfortunately, just at the wrong time, Mr Noo and I both moved in apparently an unacceptable way, and Bea headed off over the fence into next doors garden!!! it's a shame I didn't take any photos but I'm sure you can imagine the scene - 2 very wet people and an even wetter chicken, who seriously had the hump with the weather.... and also with us! - She took refuge under a bush next door and didn't re-surface until the rain had eased off. Then with a little calling from me and more corn, she eventually came home and headed pretty much straight for the safety (and comparative dryness) of the coop (it has a roof!!!)

So.... all was well........ you'd think!

On Saturday, as you know I spent the day planting up my raised bed, and mooching in the garden. Later in the afternoon I decided to clean out the chickens water and feed containers and give them fresh. Now I have sat at the open coop door loads and loads (and loads and loads !) of times, talking to the girls, feeding them from my hands, and they have never shown any interest in absconding. Well that's all change now! - I opened the door knelt down to collect the containers and the next minute Bea had hot-footed it past me and made another bid for freedom! - Very luckily, Spot was shut inside as she had gotten herself a bit hot and bothered and I'd sent her in for a sleep (over-tired you know!!).... so it was just a case of bribing Bea back in with the corn. But I can't believe how brazen she was. And today Molly had a go, although, I was wise to the move by now and had my elbow across the opening so she surrendered and went back in - but today Spot was out, so it was lucky that I stopped her - next stop would have been Spot's tummy (maybe!)!

Chez Noo will be quiet now for a while as I prepare for my annual pilgrimmage to the Isle of Bute for the Jazz festival. I can't wait - especially if this weather holds, it'll be awesome! The island itself is really beautiful, and quiet. Mr Noo will get to do some fishing and we will walk loads! - The Jazz is great fun and is available all day and most of the night - officially it finishes at 1am, but often you can find the musicians hanging out and jamming in the hotels until dawn, unwinding after a hard day's night! Sahara is almost finished for the event, it's come up a bit small, so I'm going to unpick the neck and do a couple of short rows at the bottom of the deep neck , to add a bit of width into the front, so it doesn't reveal anything it shouldn't!!!! I had to completely re-work the pattern as I chose to do it in a very different yarn and the tension was way out, so I'm not surprised it's a bit small really..... if I can get it to work with the short rows I'll be pleased with myself!

Well "that's all folks" ! Have a fab bank holiday for all you Brits, and for all the rest of you I hope you have a good weekend! x